Vodafone challenges Sky Mobile with PAYG Data Rollover plans

Sky Mobile's data rolling plan now has a new competitor in Vodafone. The network today announced Data Rollover for it's PAYG customers but not in the same way as Sky Mobile.

Vodafone will let Big Value Bundle users roll over their unused data to the following month, but no further.

When Sky Mobile launched last month, it did have a few shortcomings like no inclusive roaming plans or a partner in O2 who's not among the best in terms of network reach, but it did arrive with some great additions in the industry which seemed to have rocked the big boats, at least for now. One of these features was it's rolling data plan which it extended to all customers. Sky Mobile customers can roll over their unused data for as long as three years and can borrow such data, 1GB at a time, when they need it the most.

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To counter Sky Mobile's approach, BT Mobile introduced double data offerings for all BT broadband customers almost immediately, letting BT broadband customers to not only enjoy the regular £5 a month off on monthly tariffs, but also enjoy double the data offering without paying extra. The 'double data' offering is mostly applicable on tariff plans which previously offered 3GB of monthly 4G data and is available to non-BT broadband customers as well.

Today, Vodafone has decided to lock horns with Sky Mobile by announcing a similar data rollover plan for it's Pay As You Go customers. Such customers using  Big Value Bundles will now be able to roll over their unused data from one month to the next, but no further. This means that you'll only be able to completely consume your 30-day data allotment for a maximum of 60 days.

To enjoy Vodafone's Data Rollover offer, you will need to top up to renew your Vodafone Big Value Bundle within the 30 day period. Once you do this, your unused data will rollover to the next 30 days but if you still can't consume all of it, you won't be able to use your quota anymore.

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Vodafone has taken a number of steps this year to increase it's user base and retain customers amid stiff competition from existing networks and new ones. Such steps include increasing its Inclusive Roaming destinations to 101 countries, offering indoor mobile coverage at community halls, introducing new barring tech to block spam and bogus calls, offering real-time speed information to home broadband users and letting customers make contactless transactions via credit or debit cards or PayPal through Vodafone Pay.

While Vodafone has certainly taken the first step towards letting customers save precious mobile data by rolling it over to the next month, it pales in comparison when compared with Sky Mobile's offer. Recently, a Mobile Benchmark report from P3 connect named EE and Vodafone as joint winners in terms of network performance across the UK. Vodafone displayed the strongest performance improvement year-on-year and also during drive tests and walk tests. So while the network is certainly improving its performance, it remains to be seen if it will be able to remain as cost-effective as new MVNOs and competing networks in the long run to remain among the top networks in the UK.

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    Virgin mobile is also allowing data allowance to roll over to the next month and 4g is also now on sim free rolling contract. http://store.virginmedia...

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    i have been a three customer for a while and cant understand why anyone would go to another network that caps your internet usage, my coverage has alw...

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    i have been a three customer for a while and cant understand why anyone would go to another network that caps your internet usage, my coverage has alw...

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