Are you experiencing poor voice quality on your iPhone 7 too? Let us know..

A number of iPhone 7 users have taken to social media forums to complain about poor voice quality in their handsets.

Several iPhone 7 users have complained that voice quality on their handsets haven't improved despite replacements.

It has only been less than three months since Apple's new iPhone 7 hit the streets across the world. A large number of new and existing iPhone users were charmed by the new Jet Black model, increased capabilities and seamless design of the new iPhone 7. However, a number of such users have now taken to the social media to report on how they have been facing poor voice quality in their iPhones.

Apple's discussion forums are now full of such complaints even though the scale of complaints have not really created an existential threat for iPhone 7, at least not just yet. Some users have also reported that Apple did get in touch with them and directed them to book appointments in the nearest Genius bars for a thorough checkup of their device' hardware. "There is a great deal of discussion on the Apple official forums, however Apple are deleting posts as quickly as they are being added. Apple have a clear strategy to deny there is any sort of problem. Some people have had 2 or 3 replacements, some as many as 5 or 6 yet the problem persists," says Andrew Jones, Managing Director at Alquist, a Cambridge-based consulting firm.

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"I'm ready. Just spoke with AppleCare and they told me that the 5 th phone should solve this issue.   I know better however she said I was her 2nd customer with this issue.  I called her and she heard it for herself and kept saying.  "I can't hear you'," said 1959chevy, a user on Apple's discussion forum.

"The only benefit I got from having my 7+ replaced was it came with no charge cycles recorded where the phone it replaced had 70+ recorded. The sound quality was still terrible and Apple heard the poor call quality during a call and had to call me back on the house phone in order to hear me properly," said another user named red1mp.

As early as in September, 9to5Mac, a popular site for Apple-related news content, said that a number of users had started reporting poor voice quality in their brand new handsets. Because of the rising number of such complaints, Apple had published a support document to advise users on how to tackle such issues. The suggestions made by Apple included turning the volume up, contacting Apple Support if no sound came from the speaker, restarting the phone, cleaning headsets and ports, turning off Bluetooth and updating the iPhone to the latest version of iOS.

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Even though Apple's customer support operatives must have advised the same procedures to customers who called in to report voice quality issues, some users are suggesting that even replacement devices are suffering from similar issues. The problem could either be software-related or hardware-related and while Apple has admitted to battery issues with the iPhone 6S, the company hasn't made any official statement concerning voice quality in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus handsets.

If you own any of the new iPhones and are facing similar problem with your handset, you can call Apple Support and let us know at the same time. If the problem is widespread enough, it will soon bring up it's head but until then, we can assume that it may be one of many problems that all devices suffer from at one point or another.

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    I had the same voice quality issue. Despite apple replace my iPhone 7 plus i still have the same problem. Paying 1,079.00 euro for the best mobile ph...

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    I have voice issues with my iPhone and they won't do anything

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