Microsoft's HomeHub to rival Amazon Echo, to enable IoT integration with Cortana

Microsoft is set to give Cortana a big shot in the arm by integrating it with a new HomeHub AI service which will work in all Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft's HomeHub platform may launch between 2017 and 2018 and will be integrated around Cortana as the AI voice.

At a time when a number of artificial intelligence platforms like Amazon's Echo and Google Home are gaining prominence, Microsoft is planning on launching an artificial intelligence service of it's own which will be called the HomeHub. HomeHub will reportedly be integrated around Cortana and will work on all Windows 10 platforms instead of dedicated devices like Amazon's Echo and Echo Dot.

Microsoft's HomeHub will be able to control smart devices in your home aside from helping you with your daily schedules, appointments, weather updates and search results. It's functioning will be no different to Amazon or Google's equivalents but given that millions of customers around the world are already using Windows 10 devices, HomeHub can be introduced as a major software upgrade instead of Microsoft asking users to buy new devices to try out the new AI concept.

Microsoft already has an artificial intelligence service named Cortana which works in Windows 10 devices and is capable of offering a number of services ranging from managing calendar and schedules, doing Bing searches, offering weather and traffic updates, doing your calculations for you and opening your apps through voice commands. With HomeHub, Microsoft is planning on enhancing Cortana's powers to control smart devices like coffee machines, thermostats and home security devices and a full interface of your device' screen will allow you to control all your smart devices quickly and efficiently using the software.

Microsoft's HomeHub is expected to arrive anytime next year or even in 2018 but since the company hasn't spoken about it publicly as yet, putting a timeline to it despite the presence of available rumours is difficult. Once it launches, it will be interesting to see if Cortana will indeed be able to compete with Amazon's Echo and Google Home on equal terms and if users will be comfortable using their PCs, phones and tablets as AI devices instead of dedicated ones like Echo and Home.


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