After Sky Mobile, BT Mobile to give customers double data and vouchers

BT Mobile today announced double data offerings for all BT broadband customers, just a couple of days after Sky Mobile announced free minutes and texts for all Sky TV customers.

Buying a phone from BT Mobile will let you enjoy double data allowance along with an £80 gift card.

BT Mobile is now offering double data on all mobile phones, which means that if you are a BT broadband customer, not only will you be able to enjoy the regular £5 a month off on your tariffs, but will also get double the data offering without paying extra. The 'double data' offering is mostly applicable on tariff plans which previously offered 3GB of monthly 4G data and is available to non-BT broadband customers as well.

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BT Mobile's move comes within days of Sky Mobile announcing free minutes and texts for all Sky TV customers through which Sky Mobile aims to corner at least two-thirds of it's 12 million TV customers in the UK. The 'double data' offering from BT Mobile could also entice a large number of BT broadband customers to switch over from other networks to BT Mobile.

If you are a BT broadband customer and need a clear picture of BT Mobile's latest offering, here's a table which you can refer to get a basic idea on what BT Mobile wants to sell you. Each handset being offered by BT Mobile comes with only three tariff options which means choosing the one that suits you shouldn't take too long. Do keep in mind that every handset you buy through BT Mobile will come with a free £80 gift card which can be redeemed either on or on iTunes.

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HandsetMonthly TariffUpfrontMinutesTextsOld dataNew data
Samsung Galaxy A3£22None1000Unlimited3GB6GB
Sony Xperia XA£22None1000Unlimited3GB6GB
Samsung Galaxy A5£30None1000Unlimited3GB6GB
Samsung Galaxy S6£30None1000Unlimited3GB6GB
Sony Xperia X£35None1000Unlimited3GB6GB
Samsung Galaxy S7£35£201000Unlimited3GB6GB
Sony Xperia X£45NoneUnlimitedUnlimited15GB30GB
Samsung Galaxy S7£45£10UnlimitedUnlimited15GB30GB
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge£42£501000Unlimited3GB6GB
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge£52£10UnlimitedUnlimited15GB30GB


BT Mobile's new data offering also comes not long after the network introduced 'One Mobile Anywhere' service which came with fixed price tariff for data roaming in 159 countries across the globe. The new BT One Mobile Anywhere service will involve users buying new EE SIM cards and enjoying fixed data roaming charges almost anywhere in the world. This would mean that those travelling for business purposes won't have to incur huge charges in data roaming and in purchasing separate SIMs in new regions with high tariff rates. With data usage rising rapidly, this will also ensure that employees will not have to curb their data usage when abroad which may in turn improve their productivity.

The new SIM card will support 4G networks in 61 countries, including many European ones like Germany, France, Spain, US, Poland, Belgium and The Netherlands. It will also support 3G networks in 159 countries so that in regions where 4G coverage isn't available, employees can make do with slower but more readily available 3G speeds. The good part about this is that international companies will also be able to buy such EE SIMs if they have on-site offices in the UK.

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