Google Pixel outsold iPhone 7 on Black Friday, but the catch is...

Sales of Google Pixel handsets outperformed those of iPhone 7 handsets during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but maybe not in terms of numbers.

The growth in sales of Google Pixel handsets during the weekend grew by 112% compared to usual sales figures.

Really Blue limited edition Pixel handsets to resurface soon!

Localytics, an analytics firm which tracks sales of devices, has released figures of smartphone sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Among a number of devices being tracked by the company, the Google Pixel emerged as the top grosser during the weekend, showing a spike of an amazing 112% over usual sales. At the same time, the Samsung Galaxy S7 showed a spike of 36% in sales, the iPad Pro 9.7 showed a spike of 24%, the iPad Mini 2 showed a spike of 19% and the iPhone 7 showed a spike of just 13% over usual sales.

While the percentage rise in sales of Pixel handsets during Black Friday and Cyber Monday should be great news for Google and HTC, the table doesn't show the entire picture. For example, a percentage spike would depend on how many devices are sold during normal days and until we know the real count, we may not understand who exactly is leading the race. Depending on percentage spike, the Pixel may have an upper hand over the iPhone 7 but Google may not have sold as many Pixel devices as Apple sold iPhone 7's.

A Pixel phone with IP53 rating is dropped on water. Guess what happens next?

What may also have contributed to the spike in Pixel's sales percentage is that it was on offer at major discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday unlike the iPhone 7 which didn't arrive with any freebies or discounts. Google is also set to bring back it's Really Blue limited edition Pixel handsets which sells better than other variants because of how cool it looks.  What has also helped is that the Pixel has received positive reviews for it's features and capabilities and some really believe that Google's new phones are among the best in the world.

Hardware-wise, the 5-inch Pixel smartphone features a Full HD display, a 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 821 processor, 32GB to 128GB of internal storage, 4GB of RAM and a 2,770 mAh battery. The entire camera stack in Pixel has be redesigned and the phone received a rating of 89% on image quality from DxO. The cameras feature 1.55micron pixels, HDR+ for clear and vivid pictures. There is zero shutter lag and you can keep capturing pictures using SmartBurst which helps you select the best, and the most sharp picture from the burst you might have clicked. Video stabilisation helps record stutter free videos so you can help avoid the halo effect. Google Photos is available on all Pixel phones.

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