EE launches scathing attack on Sky Mobile and O2 as it launches

EE has launched a scathing attack on Sky Mobile and O2's network, questioning the latter's slow speeds and poor overall performance citing recent test reports.

EE highlights O2's poor voice and data performance to target Sky Mobile.

Sky Mobile launched yesterday and thanks to  great offers for existing Sky TV customers, the new virtual network may just snatch close to 12 million customers from rival networks in the coming months. To support this trend, Sky Mobile boasted nearly 50,000 pre-registrations prior to launch and says that two-thirds of all Sky TV customers are willing to consider subscribing to Sky Mobile.

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EE has now decided to make it's customers aware of the ills of Sky Mobile and has decided to strike where it hurts most- O2's slow speeds and poor overall performance on a consistent basis. Sky Mobile will run on the O2 network but if recent networks test like Rootmetrics, P3 benchmark, OpenSignal and Ofcom Smart Cities reports are considered, then O2 has basically been outperformed by the other networks in almost all categories.

P3 communications' mobile benchmark report for September measured the performance of all four major networks and scores were assigned for categories like voice and data performance while driving, walking, indoors, in major highways, smaller towns, metropolitans and connecting roads. The report said that even though O2 offered the best voice performance in London, it finished last in voice and data performance on a nationwide scale.

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Ofcom's Smart Cities report for London in June highlighted that EE's 4G download speeds were 200% faster than O2's and that peak download speeds recorded on the E network was 31.9 Mbps compared to a mere 6.5 Mbps on the O2 network. In terms of upload speeds, EE recorded a maximum of 24.2 Mbps while O2 recorded 8.4 Mbps on Cat-6 devices. Even in Heathrow and Gatwick airports, EE offered much higher median download and upload speeds compared to O2 and other networks.

What may also work against Sky Mobile is that the network currently doesn't offer free roaming facility either in the EU region or anywhere else. However, the new network launched yesterday and we are expecting Sky to launch a number of handset deals and other benefits for Pay Monthly and SIM-only users in the coming months. With over 12 million Sky TV users who, if they were to switch over to Sky Mobile- EE could see their slice of the consumer pie get considerably slimmer. And with handset deals from the likes of Samsung and Apple on the horizon, Sky Mobile has all the features of a superstar who arrives late at a party and yet dazzles them all.

Following EE's attack on the O2 network, the latter has responded with equal vigour. "Sour grapes are often served up by a rattled rival. At O2, we focus on improving coverage and reliability - this approach has been recognised by customers of uSwitch who awarded us Best Network Coverage for 2016," said an O2 spokesperson.

"We deliver on our customers' expectations and enhance our network based on their feedback which is why we have the lowest churn in the industry and the most loyal customers amongst our competitors. We made a £2m investment in the network each day over the last quarter and this continues, helping to improve and expand our network through our modernisation program and allowing our customers to have the best possible experience with O2," he added.

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    Sour grapes by BT (EE) who are obviously worried . I for one want coverage and ee can't give me that but O2 can so as soon as sky mobile launches for ...

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