Sky Mobile vs BT Mobile vs Virgin Media: Which one is the best?

Sky today launched their new mobile phone service, offering great value deals for existing Sky users but also letting all users roll their unused data for up to three years.

Sky Mobile already has over 46,000 pre-registrations and will allow users to change their plans anytime to increase it's customer base.

Sky Mobile launched today thanks to an agreement signed in 2015 between Sky and Telefonica, the parent company of O2. By introducing this service, Sky will now be able to compete directly with the likes of BT, Virgin Media and Talk Talk in Quad Play services like landline, broadband, TV and mobile.

If you're curious to know if Sky Mobile's deals will appeal to buyers and if they're good enough to trounce the competition, here's a quick look at some of Sky Mobile's offerings compared to similar data packages being sold by competing networks like BT Mobile and Virgin Media.

Sky Mobile are offering a 1GB contract for just £10 a month, a 3GB contract for £15 a month and a 5GB one for £20 a month. The interesting bit about these deals is that these prices are for only the data component. If you're a Sky TV customer, you will be able to consume unlimited minutes and texts for free while using any of the three data offerings. However, if you're not a Sky TV customer, you can either choose the 'Pay As You Use' deal which will cost you 10p for every text sent or minute consumed or you can buy AYCE minutes and texts by paying £10 extra every month.

BT Mobile are also running a few offers which can compete well with Sky Mobile's offerings. For £15 a month, you will be able to use 4GB of data instead of 2GB along with 500 minutes and unlimited texts every month. This deal will cost just £10 to BT broadband users. You can also buy 500MB of data, 200 minutes and unlimited texts for £10 a month. For those who are neither BT broadband or Sky TV users, £15 can get you more data and minutes from BT compared to Sky Mobile, but here's where Sky Mobile offers more for long term users.

If you buy the 4GB data plan from BT Mobile for £15 a month, you will have to consume the entire 4GB inside 30 days to fully justify your expense. However, Sky Mobile offers rolling data which means that even if you are unable to consume your monthly data allocation, it can roll over to the following month and to up to 3 years which means you will be able to use your data the way you want for long periods. At the same time, Sky Mobile is also offering you the flexibility to change your existing data, call and text package at any time of your choosing. This way, you won't be tied to a particular deal for long periods even if it doesn't suit you anymore.

Virgin Media, yet another Quad Play service provider, also offers a range of SIM-only deals at very low prices, letting you consider it's offerings every time you start looking for a new deal. For just £9 a month, the network offers 1GB of data, 1500 minutes and AYCE texts, for £12 a month it offers 2GB of data and 2500 minutes, for £15 a month it offers 4GB of data and 2500 minutes and for £25 a month, it offers an amazing 20GB of data with 5000 minutes and AYCE texts. It's offerings are quite similar to those of BT Mobile and like Sky Mobile, lets customers change their plans at any time but doesn't come with comforts like rolling data or discounts for TV customers.

As of now, Sky Mobile has received over 46,000 pre-registrations and Sky claims that two-thirds of existing Sky customers are willing to consider Sky Mobile. The network will, in the coming days, target a £15 billion mobile market with as many as 52 million active mobile subscriptions, and it will be interesting to see if it's offerings and services will be able to win over enough customers for it to rival BT Mobile in the near future.

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    Virgin do allow monthly rollover of data and they also zero-rate Facebook and WhatsApp...

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