Not just OLED panels, Apple's iPhone Pro to feature curved screens too

A third iPhone type named the iPhone Pro will arrive with a hi-res curved screen next year, says a report from the Wall Street Journal.

The upcoming iPhone Pro may feature curved OLED displays, becoming the first iPhone to use a non-IPS screen.

Not enough OLED displays for iPhone 8, says report

Earlier this year, Apple won a patent for a landmark iPhone design featuring a 360-degree wraparound curved display. The patent drawings indicated a wraparound display with thin bezels at the top and bottom edges and which did not include a home button, which means that the entire display will be embedded with Touch ID for which Apple has already secured a patent. A new report from the Wall Street Journal now confirms that Apple will be launching a new iPhone Pro model next year which will feature a high resolution curved display screen.

Not so long ago, it was being reported that the upcoming iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will feature OLED displays for the first time instead of IPS ones. However, it later turned out that Apple's suppliers won't be able to produce OLED panels in required numbers by the time the next iPhone gets launched. Bloomberg added that Samsung Display may end up being the sole supplier of panels for next year's iPhones but will not be able to produce the panels in required numbers, which could go up to around a 100 million. The report adds that this may force Apple to introduce OLED displays in only one variant of next year's iPhones. As per WSJ's report, the new iPhone Pro could turn out to be the only iPhone 8 variant to feature OLED displays.

Expect a bezel-free iPhone 8, minus a home button, say reports

A few days ago, analysts at Barclays supply chain said that next year's iPhones will be truly bezel-free, with the display hugging the entirety of the iPhone's face. The iconic home button will as a result disappear and is expected to be embedded inside the upcoming iPhones' display screens. The front FaceTime camera may also find itself behind the glass screen but analysts believe the design of the upcoming iPhones are yet to be finalised. According to Nikkei, Apple's new iPhones would "adopt glass casings with metal frames and advanced organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels, a design Samsung already uses for its premium handsets. This will give iPhones developed in 2017 a sleeker look and a brighter, more energy-efficient display."

With so many reports and authorities confirming the arrival of OLED displays and curved screens with Apple's next iPhones, it will be interesting to see if Apple will be able to introduce the new display type in all it's handsets or if only the most expensive model will get to feature it. Apple has been known to impose stringent quality requirements on suppliers and given that OLED displays are difficult to produce, it seems unlikely that all iPhone 8 variants will feature it. We will wait and see how things turn out between now and September of next year and will bring in all the relevant details in the meantime.

Source: WSJ

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