Will you be wishing for a glossy black Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge this Christmas?

Samsung has been trying to boost sales of its devices following the Note 7 fiasco and as per a new leak, is set to launch a Glossy Black Galaxy S7 Edge during Christmas.

A Glossy Black variant of the Galaxy S7 Edge is expected to arrive in December to take on the Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus.

We did hear about Samsung rolling out a glossy black Galaxy S7 Edge a few days ago, but in absence of concrete proof, thought it was yet another rumour doing the rounds following the demise of the Galaxy Note 7. However, pictures of a glossy black Galaxy S7 Edge has found it's way to Weibo, a popular Chinese micro-blogging site, and which we have pasted here for you to see.

From what we know so far, the new Galaxy S7 Edge variant won't arrive with any new internal or feature upgrades but it's skin will be remarkably similar to that of the Jet Black Apple iPhone 7 Plus. It will be available only in glossy black and given that the S7 Edge's design in itself is among the best, will look like a very premium and a limited edition piece of tech.

Apple's Jet Black iPhone variants caught the eye of buyers once they were launched and went out of stock quicker than other variants. They continue to remain the most sought-after iPhone variants despite the Jet Black ones being available only with 128GB and 256GB storage options. At first look, Samsung's glossy black Galaxy S7 Edge looks quite shiny and smooth too and it seems Samsung wants to take a leaf out of Apple's book and try to sell a good-looking product during the festive season.

Some reports are claiming that the glossy black variants of the Galaxy S7 Edge will arrive in the United States in December but there's no news yet on whether it will arrive in the UK anytime soon. Samsung are yet to announce the variant officially but once they do, we'll get back to you with detailed pricing and availability dates along with information on possible carriers.

Source: Weibo

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