Travel much? BT's 'One Mobile Anywhere' service should help keep costs down

BT today launched 'One Mobile Anywhere' service, offering fixed price tariff for data roaming in 159 countries across the globe.

BT One Mobile Anywhere will be available for corporate users and will help companies save data costs incurred during their employees' business travels.

The new BT One Mobile Anywhere service will involve users buying new EE SIM cards and enjoying fixed data roaming charges almost anywhere in the world. This would mean that those travelling for business purposes won't have to incur huge charges in data roaming and in purchasing separate SIMs in new regions with high tariff rates. With data usage rising rapidly, this will also ensure that employees will not have to curb their data usage when abroad which may in turn improve their productivity.

The new SIM card will support 4G networks in 61 countries, including many European ones like Germany, France, Spain, US, Poland, Belgium and The Netherlands. It will also support 3G networks in 159 countries so that in regions where 4G coverage isn't available, employees can make do with slower but more readily available 3G speeds. The good part about this is that international companies will also be able to buy such EE SIMs if they have on-site offices in the UK.

BT Mobile's Family SIM plan can help save up to £372

BT are also offering 'One Voice anywhere' which will help employees and business travellers make voice calls using internet on their data bundles, BT hotspots or Wi-Fi networks to save up to 45 per cent on mobile voice roaming costs. These services will be available om 24 month contracts and BT will offer the best suited plans based on average data usage of employees while travelling abroad. If a traveller exhausts his/her data allowance, his/her SIM will automatically upgrade to the next band, allowing him/her to use another 2GB of data at fixed tariff rates.

“Organisations looking to empower their international travellers with the latest digital services need predictable and affordable mobile data plans.  Our recent ‘mobile multiplier’ research shows that high roaming charges are discouraging business travellers from using data while abroad, potentially damaging their productivity. One Mobile anywhere replaces the chaos of unpredictable data roaming contracts with one simple, fixed-price tariff.  One Mobile anywhere offers value, convenience and control and gives companies the connectivity to empower their travellers with the latest digital services such as Cisco Jabber, Skype for Business and BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice,” said Andrew Small, vice president for Unified Communications, Mobile and Contact Centre Portfolio at BT.

Vodafone's Inclusive Roaming now available in 101 destinations

BT's endeavour to save costs to companies on data roaming charges comes not long after it introduced a new Family SIM plan to help families save hundreds of pounds in mobile bills every year by incorporating their bills into a single plan. BT Mobile is offering 2GB and 15GB plans as part of Family SIM offerings, letting families save as much as £168 a year and £372 a year respectively.

As far as saving data roaming charges while travelling abroad is concerned, BT Mobile isn't the only network who's willing to help. Back in July, Vodafone announced that it's inclusive data roaming facility was available in 101 destinations across the world. These destinations constitute 80 per cent of the countries which Vodafone's pay monthly customers regularly visit. If you travel to Switzerland and get 2GB of free inclusive data from Vodafone, as soon as you approach your data limit, Vodafone will also offer you an option to upgrade to a higher bundle, buy extra data or even move onto Vodafone world rates.

Thanks to the inclusive roaming facility, Vodafone's Pay As You Go customers are able to use texts, 100 minutes and 500MB of data while holidaying in any of the network's 101 destinations. If you subscribe to Vodafone WorldTraveller, you will also be able to use your existing minutes, texts and data package in 58 destinations by paying an additional £5 a day.

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