Have a mobile complaint? Retail Ombudsman is here to help

The Retail Ombudsman has been empowered by Ofcom to handle complaints related to communications and postal sectors in the country.

The Retail Ombudsman will offer its services free of cost and will cater to complaints on Premium rate services and Video on Demand among others.

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The Retail Ombudsman has, for the past two years, offered alternative dispute resolution in the retail sector but its scope has now widened to communications and postal sectors. The permission was given by Ofcom following through auditing an vetting processes.

The services offered by the Retail Ombudsman in the communications sector will extend to premium rates services, video on demand, mobile phone handsets, broadband routers, radio and medium, large and corporate billing disputes. What this means for you is that if you have any issues in regards to premium services or physical goods like mobile phones or routers, you will be able to approach the Retail Ombudsman for a resolution. However, if you have a complaint regarding broadcasting content of TV programmes, you will still need to approach Ofcom directly.

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For services like broadband service and billing, landline services and billing and mobile phone and broadband provisions, the dispute resolution authority will be the CISAS or Ombudsman Services: Communications and not the Retail Ombudsman.

“We are delighted by Ofcom’s approval of our ombudsman services.  Our model works well across multiple sectors, and is at a fair price, which was set at that level to be realistic for retailers where most transactions are very low in value. We quickly realised that the case fee didn’t need to be increased just because the value of a dispute may be higher. This is why £45 is charged now for communications and postal services as well as energy, aviation and retail. We look forward to helping consumers and businesses access low cost ADR across the communications and postal sectors,” said Dean Dunham, CEO at the Retail Ombudsman.

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