Virgin Media hikes pricing across services by up to £3.49 a month

Virgin Media has raised tariffs by up to £3.49 a month for its smartphone, TV and Broadband plans.

Virgin Media has explained the price hike by stating that it needs to invent in its broadband network.

The price hike has taken effect across Virgin Media's services which include telephones, mobiles, broadband and TV services. The telephone line rental has been raised by £1.01, which has raised monthly bill to £19. The price hike across the other three services is up to £3.49 a month, seriously upsetting a number of customers' annual budgets.

Virgin Media's Freestyle Trade Up lets you switch handsets in the middle of your contract!

"We understand the price rise is never welcome. However, we aim to keep bringing you more and more value for your money. Our customers are doing more online than ever before - data usage continues to grow by 60% every. At Virgin Media our customers are getting more: faster broadband, an upgraded TV service including a greater choice of box sets and the only place where you can watch all the live footballing action from both Sky and BT Sport in a single package," said Virgin Media in a press statement.

With the four major operators constantly bringing in new plans and a number of MVNOs trying to outprice them with unbelievable deals, it's never too late to switch if you believe that the new pricing system doesn't make sense or is beyond your means. Every major network needs money to invest in services, and price hike being the most meaningful way to generate more revenues, it will be naive to expect them not to raise prices. But Virgin Media has already raised its prices twice this year which may not make even the most loyal customers happy.

Virgin Media wins Best Value Network at Mobile Choice Awards

The price hike takes effect immediately after the announcement of Virgin Media's quarterly earnings. Thanks to the addition of 92,000 new subscribers to its broadband service, Virgin Media's total broadband customer base has now grown to 4.9 million. "During Q3, we passed 95,000 new premises with our superior fibre-rich network, taking the YTD Project Lightning build to 250,000 premises. We expect to build between 450,000 and 500,000 premises during 2016 across the UK and Ireland, as our build partners continue to scale up to meet higher quarterly build volumes," said Virgin Media.

For mobile customers, Virgin Media has also relaunched its FreeStyle Trade Up programme, letting them upgrade to new handsets before the end of their contract period. Through the new Freestyle Trade Up programme, if you wish to get a new phone, you will be able to pay off the remaining amount on your existing handset contract using its remaining value. Freestyle Trade Up is an add-on programme to Virgin Media's Freestyle programme which was launched in November of 2014. Thanks to Freestyle, for the first time, Virgin Media’s customers in the UK could change their monthly airtime tariff plans based on their requirements. Freestyle contracts freed up monthly tariff plans from handset price which were financed at 0% APR for a period up to 24 months. This made Virgin Media the first telecom enterprise in the UK to allow airtime tariffs to be changed every 30 days.

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