EE cuts 4G SIM-only tariffs, offers cheaper deals than ever before

EE today unveiled its new  4GEE SIM only, 4GEE Wi-Fi and 4GEE Tablet price plans to let customers have more choices and flexibility while choosing their contracts.

EE's new plan structure covers those with limited data and minute requirements, those who need a little more of everything and those who need large bundles along with free roaming and free subscriptions to meet their requirements.

The basic 4GEE Essential plans is for those with limited needs, be it minutes, texts or data. The cheapest offering in this category is a £9.99 a month plan which offers unlimited texts, 250 minutes and 250MB of data. The £12.99 a month plan offers 500 MB of data and 500 minutes and the £14.99 a month plan offers 1GB of data and 1,000 minutes. All these plans do not include free roaming and the peak download speeds will be 20 Mbps.

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If you go for any of 4GEE plans, you will receive 500 MB of free roaming data along with unlimited minutes and texts when on roaming. Priced between £17.99 a month and £34.99 a month, these plans offer peak download speeds of 60 Mbps along with unlimited minutes and texts. If you go for the £17.99 a month 4GEE plan, you will get 2GB of data, the £21.99 a month one will give you 5GB of data, the £25.99 a month one will give you 8GB of data and the £34.99 a month plan will give you 20GB of data.

The 4GEE MAX plans do not cost much but let you download media on EE's fastest 4G speeds, avail unlimited 'roam like home' facilities and enjoy free access to BT Sport for the length of the plan. For 2GB of data, you will need to pay £19.99 a month, for 4GB you need to pay £22.99 a month, for 7GB you need to pay £26.99 a month, for 12GB of data you need to pay £30.99 a month and for 30GB of monthly data you need to pay £39.99 a month.

"We introduced a three-tier pricing structure on our handset packages earlier this year and it proved extremely popular with customers, so we're now extending it across our wider plans. Not only do our new plans offer increased choice and flexibility, but only with EE can customers also choose from packages offering inclusive EU roaming and BT Sport benefits,” said Noel Hamill, Managing Director of Marketing at EE.

EE's 4GEE MAX plans were first unveiled in August but at that time, the monthly tariffs were a little higher. In August, you could get a 7GB 4GEE MAX plan for £30.99 but now you will get 12GB of data at the same cost. The 4GEE MAX plan also included a 40GB plan which cost £45.99 a month but it has been replaced by the 30GB one which now costs £39.99 a month.

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EE's Essential plans also cost much lesser now than they did a couple of months ago. The 500 data and 500 minutes plan cost £18.49 earlier but is available for
£12.99 a month from today. Aside from reforming its SIM-only tariffs, EE is also taking steps to offer increased mobile broadband speeds across the UK. The network now supports the latest LTE Cat 9 download and upload speeds, letting you download content at a speed in excess of 360 Mbps.

EE has activated the new Cat 9 technology at Wembley Stadium and will activate it in London's Tech City later this year. The network will cover many more sites across big cities and towns next year but we can't say for sure if the top speeds will be available in 95% of the country's land mass by 2020 which EE is targeting to cover. To support LTE CAt 9, EE is combining 20MHz of 1800MHz spectrum with 35MHz of 2600MHz spectrum to create 55MHz of exclusive spectrum for 4G, thus reducing congestion on the network as well as offering faster speeds than other networks.

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