Porsche Design Huawei Mate 9 is gorgeous & has a price tag to match

Huawei today launched the new Porsche Design Huawei Mate 9, bringing in a new design, a curved screen display and shaming every manufacturer who dared to call their phones premium.

The £1200 Porsche design Huawei Mate 9 is 'visually' the thinnest phone in the world and is a strictly limited edition device.

As if the Mate 9 wasn't premium enough, Huawei have decided to rock the apple cart and finally bring in a truly premium phone that costs a fortune, but at the same time, oozes enough class to make people believe that the device will truly justify its price tag.

As its name makes it clear, the limited edition piece has been designed by Porsche Design, and what makes it stand out is that it isn't just a paint job over the Mate 9, but it's specs are quite advanced and premium too, and thankfully, it's not as tall or bulky as the Mate 9 either.

While the Mate 9 features a 5.9-inch display with a Full HD resolution, the latter part is disappointing especially since Huawei wants to pass it off as a flagship phone. Name any Android flagship of 2016 which didn't arrive with a Quad HD display and the Mate 9 would find itself alone there. What we believe is that Huawei intentionally underpowered the display so as to make the Porsche Design one look more premium with a Quad HD display which, honestly, every other phone that costs half as much features nowadays. No points to Huawei here. However, a couple of takeaways for the company here is that they at least brought in a curved glass screen which does make the phone look good but then again, isn't something totally unique, and that they decided to keep the display size at 5.5 inches.

Now it would seem a bit strange if an iPhone launch is followed by a Huawei one and we don't get to smell any similarities between them. No matter how high its price tag is, the Porsche Edition had to take something, no matter how insignificant, from the iPhone 7 Plus and boy we smelt it. We don't know if you guessed it but, lo and behold, the limited edition handset comes with 256GB of storage and no MicroSD slot. Did we hear this before?

To add to the gigantic storage, Huawei chose to be wise and drop in 6GB of RAM to let the phone work even at full capacity. While there's nothing new about the RAM, it's presence will ensure that the phone's buyers wouldn't be hiding £1200 duds in their pockets.

The most amazing things about the Porsche Design Mate 9 are first, the Porsche Design logo on its back and second, Porsche Design inscribed on the phone's temple. The statement is hard to miss as the inscriptions match the graphite black look of the phone so well that it indeed looks a lot like a phone that's worth more than the rest. Unlike the Mate 9 which is available in six colours, the Porsche Design edition comes in Graphite Black only and by the looks of it, Huawei seem to have made the right choice. The company has also wisely shifted the fingerprint sensor to the home button in the limited edition phone to make room for the Porsche Design logo on the back, and we don't think it was a poor decision either.

Rumour tells us that the Porsche Design handset may not arrive in the UK which is such a shame. The phone will be available in the continent though and there are websites which will help you procure one if you want to. The phone will be available from December at Porsche Design stores in Europe and if there's one near you, you can certainly make enquiries or better still, call Three who will be selling the regular Mate 9 on 24-month contracts.

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