Revealed! Wireless charging modules are coming to the iPhone 8

If you're willing to pass up Samsung's Galaxy S7 to buy an iPhone that can be charged wirelessly, you'll probably have to wait till September of next year.

Contract manufacturer Foxconn is reportedly manufacturing wireless charging modules for Apple's upcoming iPhone 8.

Earlier this year, we reported that Apple was working with several partners to develop wireless charging technologies which will allow users to charge their iPhones without having to resort to charging mats. This means that you'll be able to charge your iPhone just like you use Hotspot to browse the internet using different devices placed away from each other.

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A recent report by Nikkei suggests Foxconn Technology Group, a seasoned contract manufacturer of Apple's iPhones, has won the deal to produce wireless charging modules for the iPhone 8. The report arrives just a day after it was revealed that Foxconn will be manufacturing millions of OLED displays for the upcoming iPhones. the Nikkei report quoted a source who said that the modules will only find their way to new iPhones if Foxconn are able to 'boost the yield rate to a satisfactory level later on.'

To perfect the wireless modules, the Cupertino giant will need to overcome a few challenges like loss of power over distance. It's not that Apple hasn't flirted with wireless charging technology before. In 2010, Apple filed for a patent for a technology that involved an iMac being used as a hub to wirelessly charge fellow Apple devices at a distance of one metre. If Apple has already made up its mind about including wireless charging in the iPhone 8, then it must have exhaustively tested the technology before signing a contract with Foxconn.

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Aside from introducing wireless charging, Apple is also expected to introduce new battery technologies which may significantly enhance battery life in future iPhones and iPads. Back in 2014, the Daily Mail reported that Intelligent Energy, a UK-based research firm, was working with Apple to develop new fuel cell technologies to power future iPads and MacBooks. Intelligent Energy also partnered with an “international electronics company” to purchase patents related to a practical application of fuel cell. As per Digital Trends, that partner company was Apple.

Intelligent Energy has claimed earlier this year that they will bring in a battery that will keep smartphones alive for an entire week on a single charge. The firm reportedly created a breakthrough fuel cell that is small yet powerful enough to fit inside a smartphone and power it for a week on a single charge. If this technology finds it way inside the iPhone 8, it'll be a leap of technology that'll help Apple maintain its lead over other manufacturers for the next few years.

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