WhatsApp has been asked to stop sharing data by EU regulators

The European Union's privacy authorities have directed WhatsApp to stop sharing users' personal data with Facebook, after having taken a grim view of WhatsApp's privacy policy change.

The European Union's privacy authorities has also asked WhatsApp to communicate all relevant information to it in the meantime.

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The European Union's direction to WhatsApp isn't a permanent one but the body has stated that WhatsApp cannot share its users' personal data with Facebook until the appropriate legal protections could be assured.”  WhatsApp recently changed its privacy policy to share users' personal information with Facebook so that the latter can send targeted advertisements to users.

According to the Reuters, the European privacy watchdog has serious concerns with WhatsApp's data sharing policy which involves sharing of users' phone numbers among other details. On its part, WhatsApp has said that it respects European laws and is engaged in constructive conversations with the authorities in this regard.

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Jan Koum, CEO and co-founder of WhatsApp, recently said that WhatsApp intends to know as little as it can about users and that information sharing with Facebook will not only allow businesses to get in touch with users on WhatsApp, but will also help Facebook in the fight against spam messages. Only those users who will opt in will be contacted by businesses, Koum added.

The European privacy authorities will take up the case in detail in November, after which we'll know for sure if WhatsApp's information-sharing with Facebook will be permanently curtailed in Europe or if WhatsApp will be able to obtain a temporary stay in the matter.


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