Unamused Samsung gets parody Note 7 YouTube videos taken down

A number of YouTube videos mocking Samsung's 'exploding' Galaxy Note 7 handsets have been taken off after Samsung files copyright claims against them.

The move seems to be part of Samsung's aim to tone down the Galaxy Note 7 catastrophe as much as possible ahead of the release of its 2017 flagships.

Big enterprises trying to hush up controversial issues isn't a novel concept, with some efforts drawing even increasing publicity rather than dying down. Earlier this year, Huawei was caught passing off a DSLR picture as one taken on its P9 smartphone. Rather than fighting back, the company posted a letter in its blog offering an apology and stating that they had done it to 'inspire the P9 community.' However, while Samsung has expressly apologised to its fans for the Galaxy Note 7 disaster, the company seems to be equally strong-handed when it comes to curbing any funny takes on its beleaguered handset.

The popular Grand Theft Auto series involves a complement of weapons using which criminals target their rivals, the general public and the law enforcement agencies. A few videos posted on YouTube recently shows the Galaxy Note 7 as a weapon of choice for such gangsters. The handsets are picked up from an arms store and then used with impunity on police cars and constables, thus blowing them up like grenades do. Here's a sample:

According to the BBC, Samsung has now filed copyright claims against these videos, leading to a lot of them being taken down. However, a few have survived and are notching up thousands of views as we speak, and there are chances that with so many gamers around, a large number of such GTA videos featuring the Galaxy Note 7 are about to gate crash the internet. Samsung's attempts to get such videos off the air may soon backfire. The Galaxy Note 7 is  being discussed on Facebook, on Reddit, on Twitter, on YouTube and every conceivable social media forum when users can put in pictures, videos and animations, so getting rid of them won't be as easy as Samsung may believe.


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