BT Mobile's Family SIM plan can help save up to £372

BT Mobile today launched a new Family SIM plan, letting families save hundreds of pounds in mobile bills every year by incorporating their bills into a single plan.

The Family SIM plan will let two or more family members save money by sharing a tariff which will then be lesser than that of an individual SIM.

BT Mobile's new Family SIM plan makes a lot of sense for families of up to five members whose monthly mobile bills may add up to a lot of money. The network is now proposing family members to buy a combined plan with individual data packs so that they are able to save a lot on money in the process. The network is offering 2GB and 15GB plans as part of Family SIM offerings.

If a family of five buys five 2GB Family SIMs, they will need to pay a combined £36 a month with each member able to consume 2GB every month. If the cost of an individual BT Mobile SIM with 2GB of data a month is considered, then the family's annual savings by using Family SIMs will be as much as £168 a year. Similarly, if the family of five takes five 15GB a month Family SIMs, they will be able to save £372 a year compared to the cost of five individual SIMs with 15GB of data allowance every month.

“We believe our new Family SIM deal offers a simple way for households to purchase mobile services and is the best value deal on the market today. UK families will be able to make substantial savings on mobile bills, freeing up much needed household budget,” said John Petter, CEO at BT Consumer. According to BT Mobile, no other network in the UK offers a similar family sharing plan with individual allowances. To avail Family SIMs, a member of a family needs to buy a 12-month SIM-only contract after which he or she can add or remove up to five SIMs, based on which the combined monthly pricing will change.

For two Family SIMs with 2GB of data for each user, the cost will be £18 a month, which will rise to £25 a month for three users, £31 a month for four users and £36 a month for five users. Thus, with each new family member added to the plan, the average cost per member will go down, letting the family save up to £168 a year. Similarly, while a 15GB a month plan costs £20 a month for a single user, it will cost just £69 for five users, leaving to savings of £372 a year.

The new Family SIM plan is yet another component of BT Mobile's aggressive push into the hard-fought smartphone market where a number of MVNOs are offering dirt cheap deals and cornering their user bases amid huge investments by the four major operators. Back in June, BT Mobile introduced three new pay monthly deals offering unlimited texts and up to 15GB of 4G data every month along with access to up to five million BT Wi-Fi hot-spots around the country.

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