Samsung working on compensation programme for Note 7 buyers: Report

Samsung is reportedly working on a new compensation programme for those who purchased the Galaxy Note 7 which may include discounts on future flagship phones.

The new compensation programme may incentivise loyal customers and ensure that people continue to buy Samsung phones in the near future.

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According to the Korea Herald, the information comes from sources close to the company even though no official confirmation has come from Samsung as yet. The new compensation programme will be aimed at offering discounts to customers against purchases of future flagship phones which may include the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy S8 Edge or the Galaxy Note 8. The information comes in the backdrop of a number of dissatisfied Galaxy Note 8 buyers threatening to file lawsuits against the company for selling them faulty Galaxy Note 7 handsets. The report also highlights that a number of Galaxy Note 7 buyers haven't returned their handsets yet as there are 'few options to choose in the market.'

Sources believe that if Samsung offers cash discounts against future Galaxy device purchases, a large number of customers will be induced to return their phones and this will also ensure that they will buy Samsung's phones instead of switching to devices sold by other manufacturers. Samsung's losses from the Galaxy Note 7, presently estimated to be around £14 billion, will thus be contained in the future, even though the company won't achieve as much profitability from future sales because of the discounts.

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According to Know Your Mobile, Samsung has already been hit with a flurry of lawsuits in Korea and United States which are incidentally the largest markets for Galaxy phones. While some of these lawsuits are because of Samsung delaying replacement of returned handsets, leaving customers without their handsets for weeks, others have sued the company for not refunding damage caused due to exploding Galaxy Note 7 phones completely.

As of now, customers in the UK can return their Galaxy Note 7 handsets in exchange of other flagship phones like the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge or claim a refund against their purchases. If Samsung does introduce the new compensation programme in the near future, we will let you know if the same will be available to those who purchased the Galaxy Note 7 in the UK.

Source: Korea Herald

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    I really really hope this is true. It's the same reason why I still have my note 7.

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