Google Hangouts to make way for Allo and Duo in Pixel phones

While it is a no-brainer that Google will include Allo and Duo apps in its Pixel and Pixel XL phones, their presence comes at a cost to the Hangouts app which has been a permanent feature in Nexus phones.

As per rumours, the Hangout app is disabled by default in Pixel and Pixel XL phones but can be enabled by those who use it.

This All-In-One Messenger web service clubs WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype and Slack

The revelation was made by Chrome Unboxed, who have also famously revealed that Samsung is about to unveil the Chromebook Pro, a low-cost alternative to the likes of Apple MacBook Pro and Surface Book. As per the website, Allo and Duo, which will let Android and iOS users message each other and make quick video calls to one another, will arrive as default apps in Pixel and Pixel XL phones but Hangouts, Google's long-serving messaging and video calling app, will have to make way from them but will lurk in the background for those who still love it.

However, the website also notes that with the temporary demise of Hangouts, Pixel users won't have the same luxury of doing everything inside a single app anymore. Allo and Duo specialize in messaging and video-calling only, while Hangouts let users send messages, make video calls, voice calls, send SMS/MMS, do group chats and Gmail chats. At the same time, Allo and Duo do not have the ability to run in multiple devices which include Chromebooks and desktops and this may turn off some users who loved the universality of Hangouts.

Google's Allo and Duo to challenge WhatsApp and Skype

The website also notes that while Hangouts benefited from huge hoards of users from Gmail, Allo and Duo are standalone apps and will have to build a following of their own. With several highly popular messaging and video-calling apps already in business, the road ahead seems tough for the two apps, if not insurmountable. Given that Gmail or Hangout users won't automatically migrate to these apps and that these apps won't have varied capabilities at least in the near future, Pixel users will have to either adjust to the new way of life or will need to enable Hangouts on the Play Store to continue to use the app like they did before.

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