Gutted about the Note 7? Here's five other smartphones to consider

So you put your hard-earned cash down for the brightest of them all smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Not a bad choice at all- it got 5-star reviews from most if not all reviewers for its usability as a work and play device as well as being quite so easy on the eye.

However, it was not to be... Samsung's pride and joy started exploding whilst on charge and then just randomly. And the incident wasn't restricted to a couple of contries, it was a worldwide issue and led to Samsung announcing this week that they were going to stop production on the device, refund customers and put an end to this very sorry and financially ruining experience for them.

But what about you, the customer who shelled out over £729 for the latest and greatest and now have to contend with the Samsung S7 edge, even though it is a great phone?

We have rounded up our top picks of phones that could help soothe the sting of the Note 7 being no more:

5) Lenovo Moto Z

From £499

Not only did the slim and stunning number pick up the gong for Most Innovative Device at the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2016, but it also blew us away with the pricing.

Lenovo have done modular design right and you can pick up mods that magnetically attach to the phone to give it extra features and options and even looks! You can pick from the Hasselblad Camera module to a battery pack module and even a Kate Spade designed battery cases… The only drawback? No 3.5mm headphone jack.


4) Samsung Galaxy S7 edge


Winner of Phone of the Year at the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2016, you cannot go wrong with the sublime S7 edge. And if you have a Samsung Smart TV and smartwatch, more the merrier!

Heavily discounted by Samsung and with a range of delectable offers from networks, you are guaranteed a fantastic user experience and one of the best camera phones in the market. Premium looks, the grunt power to put most other phones to shame, this is the closest you can get to a Note 7 you can get!

3) Sony Xperia XZ


Sony's latest flagship brings in the range of innovation and performance you would expect from one of the olderst names in the electronics business.

Powered by a 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 820 processor with an Adreno 530 GPU and packing 3GB of RAM, the XZ is perfect for those looking for a handsome device with the internals to take you through a very long day of work and play. The 2,900 mAh battery comes with Battery Care, STAMINA mode, Qnovo Adaptive Charging and Qualcomm's Quick Charge and Sony have hit it out of the park with the 23-MP rear and 13-MP front cameras.

2) Google Pixel

£599 (32GB) and £699 (128GB) and Pixel XL at £719 (32 GB) and £819 (128GB)

Launched on October 4, the Pixel is everything you would want from a top of the line Android-powered device. Android 7 without any unnecessary frills, great cameras and the might of Google behind it, including Google Allo, make it one of the best devices to launch this year.

The part-glass, part-metal body might not be to everybody's liking but it comes with 4GB RAM and Qualcomm's latest and greatest Snapdragon 821 processor. Unlimited storage on Google Photos is great news for selfie-addicts and will make sure you dont miss the lack of adoptive storage at all. Maybe just a little tiny bit.

1) Apple iPhone 7 Plus


A workhorse of a phone, partly down to Apple's best: the A10 chip, the iPhone 7 Plus towers over its competitors. Sleek, beautiful and utterly gorgeous, the improved battery life, aesthetics and the stunning screen make sure this is the true competitor to the Note 7 with all its productivity features.

Download all of Apple's productivity apps and switch seamlessly between your iPad, MacBook and phone with ease. There is a dual lens camera onboard and 4K video recording for when you want to step away from work and take pictures on holiday instead!


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    The prices of phones are absolutely crazy at the top end. Over £800, seriously? You can buy a washing machine, a dishwasher or hoover and still have c...

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    This shows how narrow minded some sites are. You forget that the BlackBerry PRIV and soon to be released Dtek 60 are higher spec than most of the ment...

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    Just wish LG would release the LG V20 in the UK...

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