UK consumers left fuming with Samsung's Note 7 debacle handling

Samsung's woes are still raging. Share prices are down, Note 7 production stopping is on the evening news and consumers are suddenly worried about touching anything from the Korean manufacturer.

Chances are, you have been reading about fireproof boxes that Samsung have been sending users to return their fire and explosion prone Note 7 handsets.

However, reality on the ground is slightly different. It is actually consumers who took advantage of the pre-order offers with various networks and retailers who are set to lose the most out of this saga.

Mobile Choice has now been in touch with consumers who not just pre-ordered the Note 7 but also accessories to go with the rather pricey handset. They have also handed their faulty devices in for replacements and are now feeling let down by the percieved lack of support from networks, retailers as well as from Samsung itself.

TIMELINE: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 crisis

So, if you bought your handset from a high street retailer, Samsung will not be getting in touch with you contrary to what you might have read in the papers. You will have to go into the store you bought your device from to either exchange it for a Samsung Galaxy S7 or an S7 Edge- both excellent devices in their own rights.

Customers are currently being offered an S7 edge with a small cash top-up but given there are so many fantastic Android and iOS options out there like the Google Pixel and even the Apple iPhone 7, usuers might not want a device which is almost at the end of its lifecycle as a flagship. And with the Samsung Galaxy S8 launch imminent, it is not a big surprise that consumers feel let down.

The Note 7 was supposed to be the phone to slay them all. It was going to be the one that crushed the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and it has just managed to leave disgruntled users in its wake. 

Martin Rowberry, a Note 7 pre-order customer said in an email: 'I have been a Note customer for years, had it not been for the fact I'd invested into a Gear watch and Gear 360 camera I would have been going for a Google Pixel or anything but another Samsung!'

'As it is, I don't have that choice so will have to go with an S7 Edge - I would have never bothered upgrading from my S6 edge plus for that though so it's been a waste of time and money... I bought two cases for the Note 7, I'm not sure if Samsung will offer any compensation at all on purchased accessories but I doubt it?'

'I have not had any contact from Samsung of any kind so not heard about the return boxes other than in the media. I contacted Carphone Warehouse myself though and I can take an S7 Edge and have £70 back. Can't help thinking I've come out far worse but I'll have no choice but to go with it!'

Samsung's directive to affected customers is: We advise all existing Note7 customers to stop using your device, back up your data, and switch it off. We are currently working with our channel partners across the region to put in place a replacement programme which will allow you to exchange your Note7 for a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge. When you exchange your device you will be refunded the difference in price. Alternatively you can obtain a full refund.

If you bought your Galaxy Note7 from or have any questions, you should contact us on 0330 7261000 (Monday to Saturday: 9am to 6pm, Sunday: 10am to 6pm) and we will help you.

However, consumers remember brands and not product names so even though the only device affected is the Note 7, it is Samsung's brand name, that will, at the end of the day need the most work on.


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  1. Guest
    Guest29th Nov 2016

    Well I'm still using my Samsung Note7. It has taken me a long time to find something that is anywhere near the specification. I tried to change my ...

  2. Guest
    Guest14th Oct 2016

    Samsung are an absolute disgrace. I had bought the Note 7 along with the Samsung LED FLIP wallet (£52) and the Samsung 256gb micro sd card (£140) and ...

  3. Guest
    Guest13th Oct 2016

    If Samsung is giving the option for a "full refund" then I hope most customers would take the refund and go for a different brand. I feel bad for Mart...

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