Samsung Galaxy Note 7 discontinued: timeline

Samsung has finally shut down production and sales of the Galaxy Note 7 worldwide. This follows a few eventful months during which the company ran an ultimately unsuccessful replacement programme.

Samsung has finally given up on the Galaxy Note 7 and may make its next big push in February with Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge.

“Taking our customer’s safety as our highest priority, we have decided to halt sales and production of the Galaxy Note 7,” said Samsung. The company is now expected to begin a fresh recall process and offer a range of other Galaxy phones in exchange of Galaxy Note 7 handsets worldwide. Here's a timeline which covers the short but eventful life of the Galaxy Note 7:

October 11

Samsung officially discontinues Galaxy Note 7. Existing owners of these handsets will receive other Galaxy phones via exchange programmes.

October 10

Samsung reportedly halts production of Galaxy Note 7 handsets in Vietnam and Korea. Production to resume once defects in fresh handsets are identified.

October 1-10

Spate of reports on exploding Galaxy Note 7 handsets across the world.

September 27

Samsung announces that Galaxy Note 7 will be available to buy everywhere from October 28 once replacements are over. Company rolls out OTA update which limits peak battery charge to 60% with a view to reduce chances of overheating or exploding.

September 26

Issues with fresh Galaxy Note 7 handsets start surfacing. Quick battery drain and problems with charging were the chief culprits.

September 23

Samsung promises to replace all Galaxy Note 7s in Europe by the first week of October.

September 15

Carphone Warehouse starts replacing Galaxy Note 7 handsets along with EE and O2.

September 6

Samsung announces Galaxy Note 7 exchange programme in UK and Ireland. First replacements to begin September 19th.

September 2

Samsung officially recalls all Galaxy Note 7 handsets, promises replacements with fresh handsets in next few weeks.

August 24

News on the first explosions start surfacing. A Galaxy Note 7 in China exploded when it was being charged using a MicroUSB to Type C converter cable.

August 17

Samsung surprised by millions of Galaxy Note 7 pre-orders, says may have to limit stocks for pre-orders to make more Galaxy Note 7 handsets available on September 2nd.

August 16:

Galaxy Note 7 available to pre-order in the UK; pricing revealed.


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