Samsung freezes Galaxy Note 7 sales: All you need to know

Production of fresh Galaxy Note 7 handsets have been suspended by Samsung, says a trusted Korean news site citing suppliers.

Replacement Galaxy Note 7 handsets feature significant improvements over the original ones but suffer from problems of their own.

According to South Korea's Yonhap News, an official at one of Samsung's supplier firms has confirmed that Samsung has stopped production of replacement Galaxy Note 7 handsets in cooperation with South Korean, U.S. and Chinese regulators. The news follows several reports on replacement Galaxy Note 7s catching fire in various regions.

Back in September, South Korean TV news service YTN reported that a number of replacement Galaxy Note 7s were suffering from quick battery drain and were charging much slower than what the company claimed. In fact, one of the new devices that YTN tested actually discharged remarkably even when it was being charged with a compatible charger. The battery charge level in the device was 75% and the device said that the time required for full charge was 39 minutes. YTN charged it for the required 39 minutes but it found that the battery charge, instead of reaching 100%, in fact went down to 49%, signalling a little less than a 1% drop in charge every minute.

Samsung freezes Galaxy Note 7 sales yet again

Earlier today, Samsung has confirmed that it is freezing sales of replacement Galaxy Note 7 handsets following several reports on replacement Galaxy Note 7s catching fire in various regions. The decision has been taken on the advise of South Korean regulators who want the issue to be thoroughly investigated first. It is being suggested that replacement handsets do not suffer from battery cell issues but some other defect which hasn't been discovered yet.

Samsung is presently asking all users to not use the Galaxy Note 7, first batch or replacement, turn their handsets off and  get them replaced with other Galaxy phones at the earliest. "We are working with relevant regulatory bodies to investigate the recently reported cases involving the Galaxy Note 7," said Samsung today, aside from the usual words on how much consumer safety is close to their hearts.

What next for Samsung?

Samsung initiated replacements of previous Galaxy Note 7 handsets from 19th September and within 10 days, reported that as many as 60% of all handsets in the UK had been replaced. David Lowes, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Europe, further said that the company aimed at replacing all Galaxy Note 7 handsets by the middle of October and start selling fresh handsets from 28th October via network operators and retailers.

With the company being forced to stop production of replacement handsets as well, it remains to be seen how soon the company is able to identify defects in the new handsets, fix them and start production of fresh handsets. Given that Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge handsets are due for launch in February, the Galaxy Note 7, if finally perfected, may not have much of a breathing space in the coming months. However, if Samsung manages to push out new Galaxy Note 7 handsets by November, the phone could still be able to compete with iPhone 7 Plus until the Galaxy S8 Edge takes over the reins in February of next year.

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