Oculus launches Touch, Rift earphones and more: All you need to know

Oculus recently conducted its 'Connect 3' conference which was attended by hundreds of VR developers and which saw the launch of Touch controls, a Santa Cruz prototype and some new Rift titles.

Touch and Rift earphones can be pre-ordered from October 10 and will ship December 6.

The Oculus Rift went on sale in the UK on September 20, costing £549 and available at a number of Oculus' retail partners like amazon.co.uk, John Lewis, Curry’s PC World, GAME Digital Plc and Harrods. The Rift arrived with various titles like The Climb – every thrill-seeker’s favourite, Henry – a heart-warming VR film, narrated by Elijah Wood, Farlands – an exotic planetary experience and Oculus Dreamdeck – a perfect introduction to VR.

At Connect 3, Oculus has announced that the Touch will be available to pre-order from October 10 and will go on sale December 6. Touch features an array of sensors to let you use the Rift comfortably and will be priced at $199. If you've already purchased a Rift, you can pre-order a Touch by October 27 to avail your priority status in the waiting list and will be among the firsts to receive the sensors once they're available.

A few new Touch titles will be coming to the Rift by next year. These include 'Arktika.1 from 4A Games — Battle for survival in this shooter set in a frozen dystopian future', 'Lone Echo from Ready at Dawn — A high-fidelity, pulse-pounding space saga' and ' Robo Recall from Epic Games — Take down waves of robots gone rogue in this FPS with creative combat tactics.' Oculus has also announced several technical additions to the Mobile SDK, thus enabling developers to create new titles for the Rift in the coming days.

During Connect 3, Oculus also launched Oculus Rooms, a great way for two Rift users to hang out, watch movies together and play the same VR apps simultaneously. Another novel concept named Oculus Parties will also let you connect with as many as eight people via voice calls in VR. These two concepts will make VR a more interactive platform rather than a standalone one which it is now.

Oculus have also developed customised earphones for Rift users and these will be available to pre-order from October 10 at just $49 apiece. Like Touch, these will also ship on December 6 and will bring in ' solid bass response while maintaining excellent mid/high levels for a well-balanced sound signature.'

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