Google Home launch: All you need to know

Along side its Pixel phones, Google today launched Home, its new AI speaker that can interact with you and work like your personal digital assistant like Amazon's Echo devices.

Google Home will work with a range of smart home appliances and will regulate them whenever you ask it to.

While delivering the keynote during the launch event, Google CEO Sundar Pichai talked about how internet has changed and how the Google Assistant is available when the user needs it. Goal is to built a personal Google for each user. Use Google Assistant like you would use Google in the past but just for your own life. From remembering bike lock passwords to calendar and getting it to play music.

Pichai added that Google Assistant will come in phones and in your homes so it can help whenever, wherever. Since artificial intelligence will be at the heart of software and hardware interactions in future, Google's next natural step is thus a family of hardware products which will interact with you in future and let you control your home and environment through it.

Google Assistant works across all devices, ask with your voice to enjoy music etc. Applied machine learning, best in class voice recognition. Mute button gives you privacy so it is listening only when you want it to. Dual passive radiators give rich base and superb highs. Lot of different content options to suit moods or activity. Years of investment in search allow Google Home to play seemingly vague requests.

Google Home helps you get answers from Google which includes as many as 70 million facts on Google. The Knowledge graph covers a lot of content but if Google doesn't have it, it reaches out to content engines like Wikipedia. It can also pull through traffic information.

In terms of managing everyday tasks, Google Home's My Day summarises every task you have during the day. So it will tell you how long it takes you to get to work, appointments, shopping list and then how long it will take you to get home.

Google Home can play music or music videos and use a range of devices to control it- it is all synchronised across all your devices. Netflix will soon support voice control on Google Home. It can also work with Google Photos to show favourite photos on your TV display. Philips, H&O, Harman Kardon and LG are some of the OEM partners.

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