Mobile Choice Consumer Awards happening tomorrow night!

The much-awaited Mobile Choice Consumer Awards ceremony is set to take place tomorrow night and here's a quick look at what it will be all about.

The best retailers, networks and device manufacturers will be announced at Mobile Choice Consumer Awards tomorrow night.

The annual Mobile Choice Consumer Awards ceremony will see the announcement of the best networks, the best phones in various categories, the best high street and online retailers, the best VR headset and the most innovative devices that were launched this year.

At Mobile Choice, we create a list of the best service providers and devices across categories and ask the general public to vote for their favourite ones based on their experience. Based on the voting results, the final winners will be announced tomorrow, the fight for which is much closer this year than we expected. Here's are some interesting contests whose results will be decided tomorrow:

Manufacturer of the Year

Do you prefer the design concept in Samsung's Galaxy phones or would you rather go for the Huawei P9's design? The likes of Apple, Samsung, Sony Mobile, Motorola and Huawei had released several well-designed phones and we can't wait to find out which among them the public would choose as better than the rest.

Most Innovative Device

This one is surely going to be tricky. A number of manufacturers have innovated their phones in various ways to get the most out of them. While Lenovo has decided to invest in modular features in the Moto Z, Huawei have introduced a landmark dual rear camera setup in the P9 in partnership with Leica and Sony Mobile have introduced a new 4K display in the Xperia XZ. What will be interesting to see is which among these new features and components have managed to catch the attention of phone buyers the most.

Phone of the Year

2016 has witnessed the launch of several flagship phones from the LG G5 to HTC 10 to Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge to the Huawei P9. These phones have received mixed responses globally with some gaining ground over traditional competitors and others losing out. Our attention is now focussed on which among them, especially when the differences are so few, will emerge as the best phone of the year.

Best Headphones of the Year

The headphones market is now a muddy field, saturated with similar headphones but with very slight differences in terms of looks or performance. We have managed to bring together some of the most unique and brilliant headphones and pitted them against one another in a battle for supremacy. With audio quality, wireless capabilities and comfort high on the agenda, the going will surely not be easy for their makers until tomorrow night. We can't wait either.

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