UPDATED: LG G6: Leaks, specifications and launch date

LG G6 was supposed to arrive with a curved OLED display, but a recent report from Korea indicates that LG has shelved the idea.

South Korean media outlet ChosunBiz claims that LG Display has expressed inability to produce curved OLED displays in large numbers for the LG G6.

LG has apparently been working on a number of technologies and modifications which the company is planning to introduce with the upcoming G6 flagship at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. These include a curved OLED display, full metal and glass body and a super-fast charging technology, all of which have now been shelved owing to different reasons.

LG G5 battery & camera module issues emerge barely 6 months in

According to ChosunBiz, LG Display, an arm of LG that specializes in smartphone display technology, is already consumed with making OLED display panels for the Apple Watch as well as for several LG smartwatches. As such, it is unable to produce fresh curved OLED displays for the LG G6 in time to meet the release date of the upcoming flagship. LG is now reportedly adding flat screen LCD display panels in the G6 instead of OLED ones.

It is also being reported that LG was to introduce full metal and glass bodies for the LG G6 but those plans have also been shelved thanks to cost overruns. It is thus possible that LG may use the same materials as the G5 in the new phone which looked nice but the feel of it didn't really impress us. We have covered the look and feel of the LG G5 in detail in our review which you can read here.

Why the Moto Z is the modular phone the LG G5 couldn't be

Another casualty in the list is a fast-charging technology that LG was planning to launch with the G6 but it appears that the technology isn't ready for commercial release as yet. Given the battery fiasco that destroyed Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 push, it's nice to see that LG are not taking any chances with the G6 so far. However, this also means that LG will continue to trail behind other phone makers like Samsung, OnePlus and Huawei who have introduced quick-charging technologies in their premium devices.

LG G5 was launched with modular functionality as its principal USP. The phone was made to work with interchangeable modules like LG Cam Plus, LG 360 Cam, LG 360 VR and a slide-out battery module to increase its scope beyond mere texting, calling, running apps or gaming. However, its pitch was destroyed with Lenovo launched the Moto Z and Z Force with even better modular functionality as well as better looks. It remains to be seen if the G6 will b able to turn the modular game in LG's favour once it launches in February, despite losing out on several technologies which may impact its competitiveness.

LG brings Smart TVs closer to mobile

LG today announced that its Smart TVs running webOS will support over 140 different payment methods across the world. This capability will be enabled through apps enabled by developers for LG's webOS and will enable consumers to make online purchases on their LG smart TVs.

Ths new ability, thanks to a partnership with Paymentwall, will not only let you access and pay for a large selection of TV content, but will also support payments from mobile phones, tablets and laptops. So by the time LG releases the G6, a large number of third party apps may already be present on the LG app storem letting you choose and pay for a variety of content from across the world.

“By collaborating with Paymentwall, we’re able to evolve the smart TV purchasing experience on the LG webOS platform much faster than if we had worked alone. This partnership is another example of how LG’s collaborative effort has elevated us into one of the leaders in the global smart TV industry,” said Brian Kwon, President and CEO at LG’s Home Entertainment Company.

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