Vodafone brings in real-time speed info for home broadband bundles

Vodafone has jumped on to Ofcom's voluntary code of practice bandwagon, thereby pledging that it will offer accurate readings of download and upload speeds to broadband consumers.

Ofcom's voluntary code of practice doesn't require service providers to share details on upload speeds, but Vodafone are doing it anyway.

What's great about the code of practice is that it is incredibly consumer-friendly. If your broadband service provider is promising maximum download speeds of 'up to' 30 Mbps or even commits to a minimum one, you can cross-check if you are really getting that much speed and if you aren't, you can inform your service provider and leave after 28 days if service commitments aren't met. Signatories to Ofcom's code of practice include the likes of BT, Virgin Media, Sky Broadband, TalkTalk and EE.

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Vodafone's list of broadband offerings includes a £22 a month bundle which offers unlimited usage at up to 17Mbps of peak speed, a £25 a month bundle offering unlimited usage at 38Mbps and a £28 a month one offering unlimited usage at up to 76 Mbps. ISP Review has shown an example of Vodafone's adherence to Ofcom's code of practice in a case where one is using the network's 76Mbps peek speed bundle. While Vodafone shows the estimated download speed range as between 73.32Mbps to 76Mbps, it shows the minimum guaranteed download speed as 67.73 Mbps.  

Apart from letting consumers check actual minimum and maximum download speeds online, Vodafone will offer the same for upload speeds as well for consumers who need to know it before uploading content on social media or file transfer websites. Vodafone will offer such information to all new and upgrading customers to its broadband services and will be offering it along side its network satisfaction guarantee which allows subscribers to try the service for 30 days before deciding about staying or subscribing to a competitor service.

“Having allowed customers to break free from broadband line rentals and try out our mobile network, we are now giving them greater transparency on home broadband speeds. Since we entered the market just over a year ago, we have pledged to make a difference by scrapping the out dated and often misleading practices, which have plagued this market," said Glafkos Persianis, Commercial Director at Vodafone UK. "The days of promising theoretical “up to” speeds are over - if a customer does not receive the speeds that they were promised, we will try to fix that, and if that does not work then they are free to leave, no questions asked."

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Vodafone is a relatively new entrant in the home broadband category and its customer-friendly offerings are based on service guarantee as well as customer-centric policies which may seem critical for it to compete with the likes of BT broadband which already has a major presence in homes across the country. Apart from offering decent broadband experience, BT also offers £5 monthly discounts to BT home broadband owners on their Pay Monthly contracts with BT Mobile.

EE has also stepped up its offerings in the broadband genre of late. Back in June, EE introduced its 4GEE WiFi and 4GEE WiFi Mini mobile broadband devices. The larger 4GEE WiFi device arrived with a battery pack and could serve as a hotspot for up to ten devices while the smaller one was more suitable for outdoor usage. You can buy the 4GEE WiFi device by paying either £79.99 upfront or by entering into a pay monthly plan with EE which requires an upfront payment of £49.99 and monthly payments starting from £11.

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