Not looking good for replacement Note 7s as battery issues surface AGAIN!

Samsung seems to have finally overcome the battery cell issue in Galaxy Note 7 phones and is expected to replace all existing devices in the next two weeks, but recent revelations suggest Samsung's woes are far from over.

A number of users of replacement Galaxy Note 7 phones in Korea are now complaining of quick battery drain and problems with charging.

Just a few days ago, Samsung had expressed confidence on existing battery cell issues being resolved in Galaxy Note 7 phones, and also that it has begun replacing all handsets and that people will be able to buy fresh Galaxy Note 7 handsets from next month onwards. However, the new Galaxy Note 7s aren't exactly perfect phones and Samsung may have to go back to the drawing board again.

Samsung aims to exchange all Galaxy Note 7 replacements before it goes back on sale

South Korean TV news service YTN are now reporting that a number of replacement Galaxy Note 7s are suffering from quick battery drain and are charging much slower than what the company claims. In fact, one of the new devices that YTN tested actually discharged remarkably even when it was being charged with a compatible charger. The battery charge level in the device was 75% and and the device said that the time required for full charge was 39 minutes. YTN charged it for the required 39 minutes but it found that the battery charge, instead of reaching 100%, in fact went down to 49%, signalling a little less than a 1% drop in charge every minute.

YTN has received complaints from other users as well on batteries in their replacement Galaxy Note 7 phones draining quicker than expected. While one consumer complained about his device discharging from 90% to 50%, another said that his Galaxy Note 7 discharged as mich as 15-16% in just 30 minutes. Even if the phone was being used, the battery drain seems remarkable for a phone featuring a 3,500 mAh battery. YTN contacted Samsung about the issue and the company has said that it will investigate the complaints to find out the exact cause of the issue.

Samsung's haste in launching Galaxy Note 7 may have resulted in battery woes

While we are not aware of any similar complaints coming from replacement Galaxy Note 7 users in the UK, we did find a few on Reddit venting out their angst with the new phones. Here are some of them:


Samsung has already begun replacing existing Galaxy Note 7 phones in the UK but if you're thinking about buying a new one next month, we suggest you get in touch with those who received their replacements and ask about their experience with the new phones. The issues seem to have surfaced in Korea where replacements started arriving before anywhere else in the world and if the issue is genuine, we are going to hear a lot more about it in the coming days. Stay tuned for more on this.

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    Guest29th Sep 2016

    I have received my note 7 replacement 3 days charges absolutely fine however my battery drains just as fact in the last 15 minutes o...

  2. Guest
    Guest26th Sep 2016

    I have my replacement phone in the UK for just under a week and have had no problems so far. It charges fast and the battery does not drain quickly.

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