Huawei-Leica tie-up means more smartphones and VR!

Huawei has deepened its collaboration with Leica Camera AG by creating a new research and innovation centre at Leica's headquarters in Germany.

Apart from creating new imaging technologies, researchers at the centre will also work on advanced augmented reality and virtual reality solutions.

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Huawei displayed the fruits of its earlier collaboration with Leica AG by launching its P9 and P9 Plus phones earlier this year. The rear dual-camera setup includes an RGB one and a monochrome one specialising in bright colour and black and white imaging respectively. The resulting images are a mixture of vivid colours and lovely shades, saving you the effort of searching for photo-editing apps to beautify your raw pictures. You can even takes pictures using each of these cameras as standalones and choose between Standard, Vivid Colours and Smooth Colours modes.

Huawei today deepened the partnership by announcing a dedicated research centre in Germany where Huawei's and Leica's engineers will research next-generation imaging technologies and apps. What's more, the centre will also pioneer Huawei's efforts towards AR and VR solutions, and if successful, may result in the company developing advanced virtual reality experiences in the coming years.

"“With the founding of the Max Berek Innovation Lab, Huawei and Leica Camera AG are expanding the scope of their successful strategic relationship and are laying the foundation for close collaboration in research and development of ground-breaking technologies in the imaging segment," said Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, chairman of the advisory board of Leica Camera AG.

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The Max Berek Innovation Lab's R&D expenses will be borne by both Huawei and Leica AG and it will collaborate with international universities and research institutions in fields of AR, VR, imaging technologies and development of optical systems. If you've seen how the P9 cameras work, the next-generation cameras in Huawei's flagship devices may arrive with new features and capabilities to render the P9 obsolete very quickly. Huawei is expected to launch the Mate 9 phablet at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona or even earlier, but it is unlikely that it's cameras will feature too many upgrades over the ones in the P9 and P9 Plus. In fact, our eyes will be on the company's P10 smartphone which may launch in the summer of next year.

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