Samsung aims to exchange all Galaxy Note 7 replacements before it goes back on sale

Samsung expects to complete replacements of existing Galaxy Note 7 handsets in the next two weeks, but bulk availability of new handsets might not happen until November.

Samsung has decided not to sell new Galaxy Note 7 handsets until the replacement process is completed with existing users.

Samsung expects to start selling fresh Galaxy Note 7 handsets in South Korea from September 28th, but the company will not be able to make the new handsets available everywhere in Europe until the end or November or before the end of the fourth quarter of this year.

Samsung Galaxy S8 may launch early to cover Note 7 debacle

Speaking to Reuters, David Lowes, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Europe, said that the company will replace all of 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 handsets that it sold globally before it starts selling new ones. Replacements will vary from region to region and fresh sales will begin once replacements of all existing handsets have been completed in specific regions.

"We are confident that we can start to make up any ground that we have lost and get that momentum back into our business... get that total momentum back as we exit 2016 and set ourselves up for a strong 2017," he said.  By doing so, Samsung may try to capitalise on higher handset sales which take place during the Christmas holidays and carry on selling the Galaxy Note 7 until it announces the Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge phones in February next year.

If Samsung does succeed in completing the replacements in the two weeks as hoped by Lowes, new Galaxy Note 7 handsets may start trickling in to select network operators and retailers by the middle of next month. Fresh Galaxy Note 7 models will have special markings on their boxes and their battery indicators will be green instead of white to indicate that they are safe to use and do not carry faulty batteries.

Samsung officially starts replacing Galaxy Note 7 handsets in the UK today

To hasten the replacement process, Samsung has rolled out an over-the-air update to existing Galaxy Note 7 handsets which will restrict battery charge to 60%, thereby preventing the phones from overheating or catching fire. This may also force existing handset users to return their phones for new ones which will not suffer from any such limitations and which they will be able to use optimally. Samsung, along with retailers and operators, started contacting existing Galaxy Note 7 users and ask them to return their handsets earlier this month and started replacing handsets officially from the 19th.

However, a number of retailers and networks started receiving replacement handsets from 15th itself. While Carphone Warehouse and O2 confirmed that they had received new handsets, Three and Vodafone said that they were still waiting for replacements. However, given that the official replacement period has now begun, all the networks and retailers have started replacing Note 7 handsets and it will be interesting to see if Samsung will be able to push in enough handsets to complete the process by the first week of next month.

Source: Reuters

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