Google Pixel: keep AWAY from water

Google's to-be-announced Pixel and Pixel XL phones may not be as water-resistant as you may want a premium Android phone to be.

According to Android Police, Pixel and Pixel XL will be IP53 certified, much below other premium phones like the iPhone 7 or Samsung's Galaxy S7.

An IP53 certification means that the upcoming Pixel phones will basically be splash-proof from certain angles but will definitely not survive a dip. The ingress points in the phones will be at the bottom and unless water is sprayed directly at them, the phones will be safe. This basically means that using Pixel phones in the shower will mean a £500 plus hole in your pocket.

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In comparison, Apple's iPhone 7 is IP67 certified, which means that it can survive under one metre of water for 30 minutes and is quite dust proof as well. The Galaxy S7 with an IP68 rating can survive at a depth of 1.5 metres for 30 minutes without submitting to the external pressure. Pixel phones are being designed by HTC as we speak, and the phone maker's flagship phone, the HTC 10, also features a protection rating of IP53 which means that the phones will be as durable, splash-proof and dust-proof as the 10. We wonder if Google wanted to get that changed.

Most premium phones users don't intentionally bathe their phones everyday or go swimming with phones in their pockets. However, accidents do occur and while a number of contemporary phones may survive dips and heavy rain, the survivability of Pixel phones in such cases will be questionable at best. It will be interesting to see if Google or HTC would like to talk about the phones' IP ratings during the launch or after it, considering that the IP rating of Google's Nexus 6P phablet was never announced.

Will there be a non-Nexus Google handset soon? Erm, NO!

If you keep this in mind and are confident that you can go for a Pixel phone without ever causing it any such damage, then the Pixel phones wouldn't cause you much grief in any other aspect. Going by HTC's design concepts, we expect the phones to arrive with curved glass screens, tough Aluminium exteriors, attractive champhered edges and easy-to-use fingerprint sensors- basically everything that you would expect from a premium phone worth its salt.

As per available leaks and rumours, the larger 5.5-inch Pixel XL (Marlin) and the smaller 5-inch Pixel (Sailfish) phones will arrive with Sony's IMX378 (12 MP) main cameras and IMX179 (8 MP) front cameras. According to Forbes, the two phones are expected to be priced at $449 and $549 respectively for their 32GB variants. Pixel and Pixel XL will also run the latest Android 7.0 Nougat operating system, feature Allo and Duo- instant messaging and video calling apps, include a few new swipe-down and notification options and probably a few new toggles in settings.

Source: Android Police

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