This is how long it will take you to get your hands on an Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Apple's iPhone 7 Plus, especially the Jet Black variants, have scooped up record pre-orders in the UK, so much so that fresh deliveries of the latest phablet from Apple are at least a month away.

We take a look at how long it will take for you to receive your 128GB iPhone 7 Plus from retailers and network operators if you order one today.

Jet Black models

With the 128GB iPhone 7 Plus, you will not only get to enjoy tonnes of storage space without having to depend on iCloud, but will also be able to choose the premium Jet Black variant which has outstripped the once-popular Rose Gold variant in terms of pre-orders and sales. Thankfully, pricing of Jet Black models is the same as others but thanks to huge demand, they are not so easily available.

If you order a 128GB Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus from any of the four top network operators, EE may deliver it to you within 28 days but Three won't be able to deliver one until the 4th of November. O2 has listed the Jet Black model as out of stock and Vodafone is promising deliveries in four to six weeks which may drag on till the first week of November.


Three are offering an attractive deal worth £52 a month with an upfront of £99. With the deal, Three are offering 30GB of monthly data at the cost of 8GB along with AYCE minutes and texts. While deliveries of freshly-ordered Jet Black models won't arrive until the first week of November, you can get the Gold and Silver models on 14th October, the matte Black model on 21st October and the Rose Gold model on 28th October. The delivery timelines are tentative and subject to change.


Vodafone are promising deliveries of all 128GB iPhone 7 Plus colour variants within 4-6 weeks, which may range from the third week of October to the middle of November.


If you pre-order a 128GB iPhone 7 Plus from EE, you will be among the first to experience the network's Cat 9 LTE (upto 400 Mbps) speeds and will be able to enjoy free six-month subscriptions to Apple Music and the BT Sport app.

If you pre-order the iPhone 7 Plus from EE today, following are the network's committed delivery timelines:

Gold- within 21 days
Jet Black- within 28 days
Black- within 28 days
Rose Gold- within 21 days
Silver- within 21 days


O2's best offer for music lovers is a 30GB a month plan, offering free access to streaming apps like SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Deezer. If you're interested, O2 are asking you to wait for much longer than other operators.

While O2 are not stocking the Jet Black models anymore, all other colour variants aren't expected to be delivered for the next six weeks. The network has mentioned delivery dates as 'more than 6 weeks' but no precise information is available on exactly how long it will take for the network to deliver them.

Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse started brightly with iPhone deliveries in collaboration with Olympians Jason Kenny and Laura Trott, promising deliveries in the first weekend. However, it seems the avalanche of pre-orders and purchases that followed has forced the retailer to push back delivery timelines. Following are the updated delivery dates for 128GB iPhone 7 Plus models:

Black- by 21st October
Jet Black- by 14th October
Silver- by 14th October
Rose Gold- by 7th October
Gold- by 30th September have updated expected delivery timelines for freshly-ordered 128GB iPhone 7 Plus handsets on their website. Following is the summary:

Jet Black- 21st October
Silver- 7th October
Black- 14th October
Gold- 7th October
Rose Gold- 7th October

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