Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs iPhone 6s Plus: What's the difference?

Apple's iPhone 7 Plus handsets have remarkably been outselling their cheaper and smaller cousins in many regions and if you're wondering what's so great about these handsets, here's a comparative look at how they differ from iPhone 6s Plus which was a very good handset on its own merit.

Apple's iPhone 7 Plus has been drawing eyeballs thanks to its dual rear camera setup, a better battery and a glossy jet black colour variant.

Here's how Apple's iPhone 7 Plus differs from the existing iPhone 6s Plus and if you should go for an upgrade.

First off, Apple's iPhone 6s Plus is eligible for an iOS 10 upgrade and once owners upgrade their iPhone 6s Plus handsets to the latest version, there will not be much difference between them and iPhone 7 Plus handsets in terms of software performance and features. Hence, the difference between the two phones comes down to their build quality, internal specifications and durability. Here are some of them:


Despite featuring the same resolution as the one in iPhone 6s Plus, the Retina HD display in iPhone 7 Plus is 25 per cent brighter than the former and supports a wider range of colours to to appear more colourful, crisp and vibrant. The display resolution is a decent 1920 x 1080 pixels a boasts of a density of 401 ppi.

The A10 processor

The A10 fusion processor in iPhone 7 Plus isn't just a power-packed chip but is in fact a fusion of two mini-chips with different functions. The processor has a total of four cores, two of which are dedicated towards performance and the other two on power efficiency.

Thanks to the distribution of resources, the A10 Fusion chip is faster than the A9 chip in iPhone 6s Plus by 40 per cent and consumes only  a fifth of the power consumed by the A9 chip. The graphics performance of A10 chip is also 50 per cent faster than the A9, thus offering support to a large number of high intensity games which never featured on smartphones earlier due to limited processing powers.

Internal storage

Apple has never had a soft spot for MicroSD slots so iPhone users generally have to choose between their phones' internal storages or iCloud to store their documents and media files. With iPhone 7 Plus, you can now use as much as 256GB of internal storage which basically assures that you will never have to depend on the cloud again for your storage needs. In contrast, iPhone 6s Plus offered a maximum of 128GB of internal storage which was impressive but not as good.

Stereo speakers

Unlike HTC 10, LG G5 or V20 or even Huawei's P9, Apple's iPhones were never known to be great music players and the sound levels generated by older iPhones often lagged when compared to those of many contemporary Android phones. With iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has narrowed the deficit for good.

Apple's iPhone 7 Plus is the first iPhone to feature a stereo speaker system comprising of two stereos at the top and two at the bottom. The stereo system delivers sounds twice as loud as the speakers in iPhone 6s Plus and will also offer you a better music quality when played at high volume.


Apple's iPhone 7 Plus is the first iPhone ever to feature a two-camera setup on its back. Two 12-MP wide-angle and Telephoto cameras combine well to super-zoom images and to bring in clarity and crispness never seen before in iPhone photos. Featuring optical image stabilisation, the cameras can zoom up to 10X and if you activate the 'Portrait' mode, they can rearrange a picture to make it appear like a 3D image with near and far objects clearly defined and blurred to enhance focus on near objects.

With a number of OEMs launching phones with dual rear cameras, iPhone 7 Plus will hold its own in the market but the same cannot be said about the iPhone 6s Plus whose camera tech was easily eclipsed by Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge launched earlier this year.

Battery life

Apple didn't introduce significant changes as far as batteries were concerned, but stated that the one in iPhone 7 Plus offers an extra hour of usage compared to the one in iPhone 6s Plus. The iPhone 6s Plus battery proved itself as a powerful one and the extra hour of usage offered by the iPhone 7 Plus battery should let you make those emergency calls and tasks which you wouldn't have been able to were you still been using the iPhone 6s Plus.

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