Google Allo: What is it and why you should get it?

Google is expected to launch Allo- its new messaging service, as an alternative to WhatsApp and other premium messaging services on September 21st.

Google's Allo will arrive with end-to-end encryption and an intelligent AI engine which will let you respond to messages without typing a single word.

What is Google Allo?

Announced to the world back in May, Allo will arrive as an advanced messaging service, letting you reply to messages from friends by choosing from options like 'Hey,' 'haha' 'aww so cute' and others based on the kind of questions that are being put to you.  The app's built-in Smart Reply feature adapts to your preferences and matures overtime to suit itself with your personality. 

Apart from saving your effort on typing everything you need to say to your friends, Allo also lets you write notes on images that you send to your friends. You will also be able to choose the sizes of your texts and since Allo will be integrated with your phonebook, you'll be able to message anyone whose details are in your contacts list.

Allo also integrates with Google Assistant and will let you chat with it to find information on the web and get things done. For example, if you ask if it your flight got delayed, it'll share the status of your booked flights instantly. Basically, Allo works as an effective messaging app and doubles up as an internet search machine as well.

Why should you get it?

Google Allo was initially set to be released along with Duo- Google's video calling app- but its release was delayed for reasons unknown to us. Anyhow, the app is expected to be a default one on Android N and its updated versions so it should be relatively simple to use just like Duo.

Given that Google will not launch its upcoming Pixel phones until the first week of October, Allo is expected to be compatible with Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS but we're nor sure if phones running Lollipop OS will be able to run the app too. With Allo set to be announced in a couple of days, we'll get the clarification from Google relatively soon enough.

The best advantage of Allo is that it comes with built-in end-to-end encryption to keep your messages private. Given that the same feature is present in WhatsApp, the app may not find too many takers but the fact that it will be serviced and updated by the very maker of Android will make it more reliable and efficient than any other third party app.

If you've used iMessage on an iPhone and are aware of how simple it is to use, Allo is expected to offer similar functionality to all users. Using Allo, you will be able to send messages to anyone in your contacts list even if you don't have their e-mail addresses.

Within days of Allo being announced in May, popular whistle blower Edward Snowden said on Twitter that messages on Allo were not encrypted by default which posed a risk to the privacy of all users. While the final version of Allo may feature encryption as a default standard, if it doesn't, it will surely come with manual options to let you activate encryption whenever you please. Once Google makes the announcement, we will update you about the encryption settings and other new features in Allo along with quick tips and tricks on how to use it comfortably.

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