Samsung officially starts replacing Galaxy Note 7 handsets in the UK today

Samsung has started replacing Galaxy Note 7 handsets with new ones in UK and Ireland starting today.

The official announcement comes a couple of weeks after the company stated that it will initiate a replacement programme in the UK just like it did in the United States earlier.

Earlier this month, Samsung announced a global recall of Galaxy Note 7 handsets following a series of handsets blowing up when being charged. After investigating the issue, Samsung determined that the issue lay with a faulty battery designed and developed by Samsung SDI and issued a recall in response. The company also stated that it will start replacing all existing Galaxy Note 7 phones with new ones on September 19th and it is possible that the new handsets will feature ATL batteries until Samsung fix existing issues with Samsung SDI batteries and issue an announcement to that effect.

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However, for those who pre-ordered their Galaxy Note 7 handsets from Carphone Warehouse and O2, Samsung started the replacement process a few days ago. However, because of lack of fresh stocks, Samsung is offering affected customers Galaxy S6 handsets to get by until replacement stocks arrive in sufficient numbers.

Along with replacing existing Galaxy Note 7 phones, Samsung is also taking additional steps to ensure that affected Galaxy Note 7 handsets are not in use and are returned immediately. The steps include a new software update which will limit battery charge to 60%, thus ensuring that batteries won't overheat or explode during the charging process. At the same time, keeping a handset with 60% of its peak battery life will encourage people to return their phones in exchange of new ones which will not come with any such limits.

Samsung has also made it easier for Galaxy Note 7 users to check on a dedicated webpage if their handsets are eligible for replacement. This way, customers won't get confused and will be able to check the info at the press of a button.

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“Our absolute priority is the safety of our customers – that’s why we are asking all Galaxy Note7 customers to act now and exchange today. We would like to apologise to our Note7 customers for not meeting the standard of product excellence that they have come to expect from Samsung and we sincerely thank them for their understanding and patience. We are confident that by exchanging their existing device for a new Note7, customers can expect to enjoy a smartphone experience of the very highest quality,” said Conor Pierce, Vice President of IT & Mobile Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland.

The new Note 7 handsets being supplied by Samsung to new and existing customers will come with new 'green’ battery icons instead of white. The new handsets will also feature Always-On displays as well as ‘Power Off’ prompt screens which will indicate that they are safe to use and charge on the go. If you own a Galaxy Note 7 handset and do not hear from either Samsung or the operator from whom you bought the device in the next few days, you can also contact the Samsung customer service team on 0330 7261000.

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