EXCLUSIVE: Samsung start replacing Note 7 handsets

- By Jack Courtez & Sunetra Chakravarti

Customers who pre-ordered Galaxy Note7 devices through Carphone Warehouse and O2 are receiving replacements after handing in their faulty handsets following Samsung’s global calls for customers to return their handsets.

However, Three and Vodafone have told Mobile Choice that they have not received any replacement stock and are unsure as to when it may arrive.

Sources at Carphone Warehouse and O2 confirmed they have received new handsets and Carphone Warehouse customers informed Mobile Choice that these have made their way to pre-orders.


However, there is still no news as to when the phone will be back on sale in the UK.

In an email to Martin Rowberry, an affected pre-order customer, Carphone Warehouse stated: ‘The Samsung Note 7 handset replacements that Carphone Warehouse has were received from Samsung on the 09 September and dispatched to stores at the first opportunity for customer exchanges. Carphone Warehouse stopped all sales under advice from Samsung on the 01 September and returned all unsold units by the end of that week. The handsets that we have received and arranged for your replacement are from new stock and manufactured in a different location to the plant which was behind the battery cell issues.’

'What I can't understand is if they are genuine replacement handsets going out you would think they would want to publicise it as it's a really quick turnaround,' said Mr Rowberry who had returned his Note 7 replacement at a Carphone Warehouse store and then got a phonecall asking him to pick up his new handset. 'I didn't get a box with my replacement only the hand set with nothing to say it's the new fixed model,' he added. 

In an official statement, Carphone Warehouse said: 'Carphone Warehouse customers can return their Note 7 to their nearest store to arrange for a replacement new device. Replacement stocks of the new Note 7 are limited and Samsung are looking to supply enough new stock in the coming days and weeks. As a result of this, customers are receiving their exchange on a first come first serve basis. All customers with a Note 7, are being offered a loan Samsung Galaxy S6 until their replacement model arrives.'

EE have now gotten back to us with the following statement:

'Due to the recent safety concerns on the Galaxy Note7, Samsung has instructed customers with the device to switch it off and contact their supplier as soon as possible.

EE considers the safety of its customers to be of the utmost importance, which is why we have contacted all affected customers since the issue was first identified on September 2nd to exchange their device for a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge while we work with Samsung to get new Galaxy Note7 stock. We continued to work closely with Samsung and relayed the latest guidance to our customers as quickly as possible.

In light of Samsung's latest statement we are re-contacting all customers, including those who have already declined a replacement for their Note7 to inform them of the need to switch off their device and return it to EE with immediate effect.'

This basically confirms that it is just Carphone Warehouse and O2 customers who are recieving replacement Galaxy Note 7 handsets currently.

The new Galaxy Note devices were released in the US last month but instances of the handset spontaneously setting on fire lead to a global recall, announced the night before the Galaxy Note 7 was due for release in the UK.

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  1. Guest
    Guest24th Sep 2016

    My Carphone Warehouse said my pre-order Note 7 has a safe battery (not part of the identified dodgy batch). Is this true? That's why I haven't given b...

  2. Guest
    Guest20th Sep 2016

    I was told by my CPW store that you can't just do a straight-swap like any normal shop. You have to take your device in, leave it with them for the da...

  3. Guest
    Guest18th Sep 2016

    It is true. They have likely run out of stock as they had a very limited amount to give to customers. I know other people who have recieved them. The ...

  4. Guest
    Guest18th Sep 2016

    yer this is complete bullshit im with carphone warehouse and took my note 7 in and got a s6 edge loan phone told have to wait till the 19th,

  5. Guest
    Guest17th Sep 2016

    Just returned my Note 7 to Carphone Warehouse and been given this filthy, grotty and scratched up "loan phone" some sort of old Huawei handset. Don't ...

  6. Guest
    Guest17th Sep 2016

    Our nearest Carphone Warehouse initially claimed to know nothing about this, then elaborated when pressed to say they did but they couldn't do it beca...

  7. Guest
    Guest17th Sep 2016

    No compensation unlike USA customers. usual Rip off Britain

  8. Guest
    Guest16th Sep 2016

    Not true at my local Carphone Warehouse...just phoned them. They have no replacement Note 7s, and no S6 for temporary use. They have no idea when they...

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