Want a LG V20? Register your interest to get one

Clove.co.uk today confirmed that the V20, LG's latest flagship phone, will not be coming to the UK, a fact we suspected after the phone failed to make an appearance on LG's UK website.

Clove also said that it will be making efforts towards bringing LG V20 handsets to the UK for those who want to buy it.

After LG launched the V20 on September 6, the company didn't put the phone up on its UK website, nor did it make any statements about availability dates or pricing of the handset in the country. Now that Clove is pretty sure that the phone won't come to the UK, Android phone users in the UK will get their first taste of Android N once Google's Pixel and Pixel XL phones arrive sometime next month.

LG V20 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Premium much!

LG did make it's G Flex series available in the UK but has kept its V series phones away from the market so far, reasons for which are known to the company alone. The company launched the impressive V10 last year but like Samsung did with the Galaxy Note 5, decided to shun the UK market. Yet another flagship phone launched this year which is yet to enter the UK market is ZTE's Aon 7 which features flagship specifications and a great design.

Clove.co.uk are reassuring LG fans in the UK that they will bring in new LG V20 handsets to the UK from Europe in the coming days. Once customers register their interest for the V20 on Clove's website, they will be informed about status of the handsets from time to time. Clove will ensure that the devices will come with warranty and support and will also ensure that menus in the handsets will be in English, handsets will be SIM-free and "there is no network operator logos or software on board."

David Cornish, who commented on the Clove.co.uk blog post, said that he had a chat with someone with LG who told him that the V20's arrival in the UK  hasn't been confirmed as yet, but may take place on a future date. "Hi David, thank you for contacting LG! It’s not been confirmed, whether the V20 will be launched in the UK or not. For all the information on new product you can keep a look out on http://www.lg.com/uk," he was told.

LG reveals Android N features in its upcoming V20 flagship

LG V20 is now available to pre-order in several regions across the world. It is the first new smartphone to launch with Android 7.0 Nougat OS and features Vulkan-supported graphics for more immersive gaming , Direct Reply feature to reply to texts straight from the notifications interface, and the upgraded Doze feature for better battery efficiency.

LG V20 is also the first smartphone to arrive with 32-bit Quad DAC and B&O Play's premium audio tech to offer the best listening experience via company-supplied earphones. The new 32-bit Quad DAC audio tech by ESS Technology replicates the experience offered by professional home-audio systems when you connect the V20 with compatible wired headphones.

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  1. Guest
    Guest2nd Nov 2016

    I am using LG V20 right now in Hong Kong so good living in Asia :D

  2. Guest
    Guest25th Oct 2016

    Everyone should go onto the Clove website and register interest

  3. Guest
    Guest13th Oct 2016

    Please LG bring V20 to the United Kingdom. And offer B & O earphones as a bonus. To help establish brand.

  4. Guest
    Guest12th Oct 2016

    Very disappointed, I was looking at this phone to replace my new Note 7. But hey, LG must have their reasons. I will go for the Google Pixel XL instea...

  5. Guest
    Guest4th Oct 2016

    I'm definitely not going for Samsung again - utterly fed up with them after having every device since the Galaxy S. Just need LG to make the V20 avail...

  6. Guest
    Guest3rd Oct 2016

    Why release low end phones and not the high ens stuff? Surely it just tarnishes the LG name? Sometimes I wonder if manufacturers use the UK to push c...

  7. Guest
    Guest15th Sep 2016

    Shame because lot of people would be interested to buy one in the UK

  8. Guest
    Guest14th Sep 2016

    Am LG emphasis since they came into light and am very disappointed about what's going on nowadays with LG not satisfy their customers in UK if V20 fai...

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