Got a Samsung Galaxy Note 7? What not to do & how to return it

Samsung has initiated the recall of all Galaxy Note 7 phones in the UK and if you own one, here's what you should do and what you must avoid to ensure there are no accidents and so that you can receive a replacement within committed timelines.

Samsung has officially identified an issue with battery cells in Galaxy Note 7 phones and has advised all users to return their phones in exchange for new ones.

In its official website, Samsung announced a few days ago that it has, along with network operators who sold Galaxy Note 7s, begun contacting Galaxy Note 7 owners in the UK to ask them to return their phones. The company has also confirmed that it will begin exchanging existing units of the handset with new ones from September 19. Until then, the company has advised all Galaxy Note 7 users to refrain from using their phones and contact the company's customer service team in the UK if they have any questions.

What you shouldn't do

1. Don't charge it

The battery cell issues in Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 phones only surface when the phones are being charged. This is because when the anode-to-cathode come in contact during the charging process, the battery gets overheated and either catches fire of explodes. Samsung has identified the issue and is ensuring that such cases won't happen with the new phones which will be offered to existing and new users from September 19.

Charging your Galaxy Note 7 will thus be a risky process and no matter how good the phone is, we suggest you put it back in its box and use another phone until your replacement arrives.

2. Don't use it on an airplane, hotel room etc

Given the large number of complaints on exploding Galaxy Note 7s across the world, using the phone, especially charging it in sensitive places like airplanes or hotel rooms could pose risks to safety of everybody around. A couple of days ago, a Galaxy Note 7 suddenly exploded in a hotel room in Australia, causing damages worth around a £1000. Fortunately, the owner wasn't asked to foot the bill but we can't say for sure if all hotels will be as nice.

In the U.S., the Federal Aviation Administration has strongly advised flyers not to use Galaxy Note 7 handsets while flying “in light of recent incidents and concerns raised by Samsung about its Galaxy Note 7 devices”.

3. Don't leave it unattended

It will be advisable to keep your Galaxy Note 7 handset in a secluded zone so that even if it bursts, it won't cause harm to people or damage belongings. The phone must be kept away from children as well as from things that catch fire easily.

4. Don't charge it overnight

If the Galaxy Note 7 is the only phone you've got and you're using it sparingly only to check some e-mails and notifications, you will need to be extra cautious about how much you use it and how much you charge it. If your phone is among the unlucky ones with faulty batteries, then it may combust if you leave it on charging overnight.

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