Apple Watch Series 2: 7 reasons why we think it is just WOW!

After months of speculations, leaked details and gossip, Apple finally unveiled the successor to the Apple Watch, but has the company done enough to ensure its sales will break records like the original Apple Watch did?

Apple Watch Series 2 comes with all the ingredients that luxury watch-seekers and fitness buffs need from a smartwatch.

The wearables market has seen its ups and downs, but the 'up' that the original Apple Watch brought to the market was truly unprecedented. Apple cashed in on its brand popularity, but more importantly, by refusing to place the Watch alongside other fitness wearables and smartwatches. The Apple Watch was a luxury product first, a smartwatch next.

With Apple Watch Series 2, Apple has introduced a number of new features and watch bands to improve upon their existing offering for both fitness-seekers and those looking for new luxury wearables.

New activity tracking system


With Apple Watch Series 2, Apple has introduced new Activity Rings which track your daily activities, be it standing, moving or exercising. Acting like a perfect fitness tracker, the Watch can begin tracking any of your exercises with a single tap and not only does it let you view stats like distance covered, calories burnt or duration of an exercise but also share the results of your activities with your families and friends while you're at it.

Advanced waterproofing mechanism

Apple watch Series 2 is a truly waterproof wearable and can survive in as deep as 50 metres under water. This means that not only will you be able to surf on the water while wearing it, but also perform fitness activities like swimming and deep diving while wearing the watch.

New swimming workouts on the Apple Watch includes lap times, calories burnt, pace and distance covered.


Apple Watch 2 will soon be able to run popular gaming apps like Super Mario and Pokemon Go. While playing Pokemon Go on your new Apple Watch, you will be able to see how far you have to walk to reach an egg, how far you have already walked and how many calories you burnt in the process.


What will make Apple Watch 2 among the best smartwatches ever is the fact that the display, at 1000 nits, is the brightest display Apple has ever included in any product. Thanks to this feature, the second generation display is now twice as bright as the one in the original Apple Watch and will be easier to operate even under bright sunlight.

Powerful specs

Apple Watch Series 2 includes a 2nd Gen System in Package (SiP) which includes a new dual core processor, one that is 50 per cent faster than the chip in Apple Watch and delivers twice as good graphics performance compared to the latter. The frame rate support is also as high as 60 fps, letting a number of apps like Night Sky function in the new watch.
Apple Watch Series 2 also features a built-in GPS for fitness tracking which means that you won't need to stay connected to the internet to track your location and the distances you covered. If you press and hold the side button of the watch, it will automatically call emergency services and messages will be sent to your friends and near ones along with details of your location.

Design and build

Apart from the Aluminium and Stainless Steel models, Apple Watch Series 2 will also be available in new ceramic models. Ceramic is four times as strong as stainless steel and will make your watch more durable and damage-proof for a long time.

While the watch looks a lot like its predecessor, it will now be available in two new Hermes models which will include freshly-designed straps and buckles.

Apple Watch Series 2 with Nike Plus

This is a smartwatch specifically designed for runners and features different colours than other models. The watch features Nike Run Club- an app which offers personalised coaching, stats and top charts and also motivates runners to meet their daily goals and to strive harder.

The watch also features distinct design features like perforated bands and lightweight aluminium cases to make them suitable for regular fitness trainers.

Apple Watch Series 2 models will be available at prices starting from £269 and which can go up to £1,049 for the Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Space Black Link Bracelet. You can pre-order your favourite model from September 9th and the Watch will officially go on sale from September 16th.

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