Samsung announces Galaxy Note 7 exchange programme in UK and Ireland

Shortly after it launched a similar programme in the U.S., Samsung today announced the Galaxy Note 7's Product Exchange Programme in the UK and Ireland.

Samsung will initiate exchange of existing Galaxy Note 7 devices with customers from 19th September.

Samsung recently announced a global recall of Galaxy Note 7 handsets following a series of handsets blowing up when being charged. After investigating the issue, Samsung determined that the issue lay with a faulty battery designed and developed by Samsung SDI and issued a recall in response.

Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 on the day it was to go on sale

Samsung SDI batteries are reportedly present in 70% of Galaxy Note 7 devices which have so far been manufactured and sold to customers. The remaining 30% handsets feature ATL batteries but so far, none of these batteries have been found to be faulty. Even though only 35 Galaxy Note 7 devices have blown up so far, the issue could have aggravated if Samsung didn't recall the handsets. Only those customers who have pre-ordered the handsets on Samsung's website as well as on contract from network carriers have received their handsets and Samsung announced the recall on the same day when Galaxy Note 7 handsets were to be made available at retail counters for sales.

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Samsung will be contacting all Galaxy Note 7 owners and will inform them about the replacement process. The actual replacements will begin on September 19th and it is possible that the new handsets will feature ATL batteries until Samsung fix existing issues with Samsung SDI batteries and issue an announcement to that effect.

If you own a Galaxy Note 7 handset and do not hear from either Samsung or the operator from whom you bought the device in the next few days, you can also contact the Samsung customer service team on 0330 7261000.

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