Samsung Galaxy Note 7 top 10 features: Note-worthy

Still want to find out about the Android superstar that is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? While we have tried to address all the most important features in our review, where would we be without our favourites?


While you can take screenshots on the Galaxy Note 7 by resorting to the usual method of pressing and holding the power button and the home button simultaneously for two seconds, there’s another way which is simple and quick. Remove the S Pen, then select ‘Screen write’ to capture the current screen and annotate.

You can also capture a screenshot on the handset by placing the side of your hand on the edge of the Galaxy Note 7 and swiping across the screen.

S Pen Air Command

It is now incredibly simple to view a number of S Pen features on the Galaxy Note 7 itself rather than surfing on the web for the information. As soon as you pull out the Stylus (S Pen), you are greeted with the Air Command menu which contains shortcuts to functions like as ‘screen write’, ‘translate’ and the ability for you to add any shortcut you can.

Eyes eyes Baby!

Iris scanner had been novelty features on phones until Samsung decided to put it on the Note 7. Exceptionally effective irrespective of whether you are using it to unlock your phone during the day or night, it is a more secure way of unlocking your phone than fingerprint and very fast too!

Set up is very easy, dive into Settings, then 'Lock screen and security’ and then select 'Irises'. Enter your PIN/pattern or password and you’ll breeze through the rest.

GIF creator

GIFs aren’t always easy to find, especially the ones that you want to share with your friends. However, the Galaxy Note 7 makes creating GIFs on your own a very easy task.

When you’re playing a video on your phone, tap on its screen with the S Pen, click on ‘smart select’ and then ‘animation’. A selector box will appear on the screen over the video and you can adjust the size of the box. You are now able to decide the quality of the video on the GIF. Hit the ‘record’ button and again tap ‘stop’ once done.

Bigger, faster and stronger!

Galaxy Note 7 is the first phone to feature the recently-unveiled Gorilla Glass 5 screen, a new screen type which can survive 1.6-meter, shoulder-height drops onto hard, rough surfaces up to 80% of the time. The glass is present both on front and back of the phone, so it’ll not just be the display but the entire phone which will be protected by the new revolutionary screen.

There is also 7000 series aluminium as well as IP68 water resistance that makes the Note 7 among the toughest phones in the world.

Security first

Samsung have introduced a Secure Folder with the Galaxy Note 7 which is completely encrypted and opens with either a password or your biometric details. If you’d like to keep some of your files, your banking apps or sensitive documents tucked away from prying eyes, the Secure Folder offers a great alternative to third party encrypted folders.

Translate away

Tap ‘Translate’ and then hover the S Pen over any text you want to translate: whether it is on a website or on a photograph, and there is no reason for you to go back to Google Translate.

Leave messages on the Always-on display

You can now use your S Pen to write a message on the Always On display and can make it appear on the screen by tapping the PIN option. So if your friend uses a Galaxy Note 7, you can leave a prank message on his phone when he’s away and wait for him to get surprised

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