O2 enters home automation industry with new O2 Home services

O2 today launched its Smart Home service named O2 Home in three packages including smart plugs, a thermostat and wide-angle cameras.

O2 Home packages will cost either £20 or £30 a month depending on the package you buy.

Citing a report which says that while 73% of British consumers want to install smart home technologies but only 5% end up installing them because of lack of information on such technologies or lack of confidence in installing and running such gadgets, O2 added that its smart home technology will not only be cheap, but the installations will be done for free by O2 Home installers. What's more, O2 will also conduct annual health checks of the equipment and any defects will be fixed by the network for free as well.


O2 Home service comes in three packages- one with an aim to keep your home warm when you reach and two to keep your home secure and detect intruders while you're away. Priced at £30 per month, the O2 Home Comfort service will let you control a smart thermostat at home via your smartphone's GPS when you're away. This way, you can turn on the thermostat before reaching home or whenever you wish to keep the house warm. O2 Home View, which costs the same, will let you control a Samsung camera, a wide view camera, open and close sensor and one presence sensor through the O2 Smart Hub app to keep a watch on your house when you're out. Another service named O2 Home Connect costs lesser at £20 per month and includes the O2 Smart Hub, two presence sensors, two open and close sensors and two smart plugs.

Using these technologies, you will be able to control your energy consumption by using smart plugs, keep your home warm through smart thermostats and keep your home secure with the help of smart cameras and sensors.

“O2 Home is all about connecting our customers to the people and things that matter. Keeping your home up to date with technology shouldn’t be complicated – so we’ve brought together connectivity and smart technology in a simple package to give customers peace of mind wherever they are. We’ve made everything simple – with installation experts to help set things up and an app to monitor and control your home 24 hours a day. It’s smart technology for everyone, not just the tech-savvy,” said Nina Bibby, Marketing and Consumer Director at O2.

The monthly payments of these services will be spread over 24 months but if you sign up to the O2 Home on or before 14th September, O2 will offer you the services for free for the first twelve months. If you want to upgrade the services with additional products, O2 is offering a range of smart products like a Panoramic camera, a Samsung SmartCam wide view camera, Fake TV burglar deterrent, Smart smoke detector, Indoor siren and Yale keyfree connected smartlock, all of which will cost extra.

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  1. Guest
    Guest6th Sep 2016

    If this is as good as their other "software"; your house will, literally, just spontaneously combust when you turn this all on.

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