Virgin Media launches IMO phones starting at just £29.99

If you thought that the Doro 8030 at £99 was a steal for silver surfers and late adopters, it has now been trumped by two new IMO smartphones launched by Virgin Media today.

Virgin Media has partnered with UK-phone maker IMO to launch 4-inch IMO Q and 5-inch IMO S smartphones.

The new IMO Q phone is a 4-inch midget phone but is priced at almost a tenth of the similarly-sized iPhone SE. Running Android 5.1 Lollipop, it is a smartphone that can be bought using quickly-saved pocket money. You can get one for just £29.99 and would be wise not to expect the kind of performance that Moto or Honor phones bring to the market.

At the same time, the IMO Q' specifications aren't really as light as its price tag suggests. If you're a college student or just out of school, you can use the phone for your daily going-ons until you feel that the time's ripe for an upgrade. The IMO Q can also be your device if you're not into regular multi-tasking or gaming on your smartphone and just need a smartphone to check your e-mails, make calls and send texts from time to time. Speaking of upgrades, the larger IMO S phone can be worth one at a very low price.

IMO Q features a 4-inch WVGA display which won't support HD videos on YouTube but will let you view the usual videos shot on its cameras. The rear cam features a 5-MP resolution and the front camera is a 2-MP one- just enough for video calls on Duo or quick selfies to upload on social media. The phone will arrive with 8GB of internal storage- giving you access to around 5GB but there's a MicroSD slot as well where you can buy and insert SD cards with as much as 32GB of storage capacity. The Quad-core processor is capable of churning up 1.2GHz of speed and is supported by 1GB of RAM and a 1,450 mAh battery which should last an entire day given that it doesn't have to support an HD screen, a power-sapping processor or heavy gaming apps. In the phone, you will also find GPS as well as sensors like Accelerometer and Proximity sensor.

The larger IMO S phone features a 5-inch HD screen, 8-MP and 5-MP cameras, a Quad-core MT6735P processor, 1.5GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and a MicroSD slot with a capacity of 32GB. The battery has a capacity of 1,950 mAh and the phone also features Accelerometer and Proximity sensor along with Bluetooth capability. The phone runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS but we aren't sure yet if it will be eligible for an Android N update.

“Our objective is to offer the best value smartphones without any sacrifice in quality or functionality. IMO devices and features are all defined in the UK, with the specific aim of enabling young people to own a smartphone that won’t break the bank, or worry parents reluctant to give their children phones that can cost significantly more. In Virgin Media we have a network partner whose strong portfolio vision and focus on customer satisfaction mirrors our own,” said Nigel Whitehead, IMO’s Head of Sales and Propositions.

While the IMO Q will be available to buy at just £29.99 on prepay, you can get the more capable IMO S phone by paying £8.50 per month on a contract with Virgin Media. If you buy the latter, Virgin Media, along with Verve Connect (owners of IMO brand), will gift you a digital tastecard worth £79.99 using which you can enjoy 2 for 1 meals or 50% discounts at over 6,500 restaurants across the UK.

Both IMO Q and IMO S phones will be launched on September 5 and Virgin Media will also announce IMO Go- a mobile hotspot product at just £24.99 apiece. The device will arrive with a 2,500 mAh battery, a Qualcomm MDM9207 processor, up to 150 Mbps and 50 Mbps of download and upload speeds and will support  800/1800/2600 MHz LTE bands, Quad Band GSM and 900/2100 MHz UMTS bands. The hotspot generated by IMO Go can be used by as many as 32 users at a time.


  1. Guest
    Guest18th Nov 2016

    The IMO Q phone is very good for the price,I got mine in argos,and it came with a free 8gb sandisk memory card and the phone was £24.99 a bargain,work...

  2. Guest
    Guest12th Nov 2016

    We have just got this 'phone. We have not got, want or need an SD card. But the home screen keeps telling us to put one in. Does anyone know how to...

  3. Guest
    Guest25th Oct 2016

    Totally agree with the last comment on Silver Surfer. Why there isn't a cover designed for this phone is quite puzzling. Clearly IMO has no intention ...

  4. Guest
    Guest10th Oct 2016

    can you get a phone cover for the imo q?

  5. Guest
    Guest6th Oct 2016

    I've had no luck finding a phone cover for the IMO S, not even from Virgin where I got the phone. Wish I thought of that before I bought it

  6. Guest
    Guest26th Sep 2016

    Can you get a phone cover for the imo s

  7. Guest
    Guest5th Sep 2016

    Why are doro phones compared to other phone with a totally different use case. The software on a doro alone makes it easier to use for mature users. ...

  8. Guest
    Guest5th Sep 2016

    Silver Surfer is a patronising ageist slur. Stop using it.

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