Android N Top features: Nougat’s best bits

The latest version of Android is here and with Nougat, Google have sweetened the deal substantially. Here are the tasty treats that users can enjoy when they finally get on the Nth wagon.


Even though the fact that the Pixel C tablet didn’t feature Split screen was quite baffling, Android N has covered for it this time by introducing the feature in both phones and tablets. The feature is accessed by holding down the task-switching button and immediately opens up a world of possibilities on phablets like the Nexus 6P, where it is the same as having two feature phone screens. The Split screen feature will work best with reading and messaging apps but if you try the feature on photo/video apps, your experience may be short of optimal.

Switching between apps is now easier with ‘Quick Switch’, as well with the task-switching button so you just need to double-tap it to instantly switch to your most recently used app, and then click ‘clear all’ to get rid of all the open windows.


Android N brings in smaller icons and full-width design in notifications to make them look cleaner and fresher as well as super-functional. You can now expand them twice successively to see more information and take action. There are also little buttons to expand each notification if you don’t feel like swiping.

Thanks to the new OS, you will also be able to decide if you need more notifications from a particular app by long pressing on a notification. Instead of dragging down the notification panel twice to get to settings, wi-fi etc, they are now presented in a row of five above notification- all infinitely customisable so you have your most used toggles on tap.


While Android N will let you check and optimize data usage, Wi-Fi settings and storage in settings, the new OS will also offer periodic suggestions for pending tasks like setting up your e-mail, password protection or even voice commands.

Another change sees persistent settings reflected in the list itself when activated — for example, turning on tethering or the new Data Saver feature will give you a hard-to-miss turquoise toggle right at the top of the list. This can be swiped away, just like a notification.

Virtual reality

Android N is the first of its kind from Google which will let you access and view virtual reality content on your smartphone screens.

Daydream VR will run on Android phones featuring a list of specifications as well as the Android N operating system. Google has already certified its flagship smartphone, the Nexus 6P, as the first phone to support Daydream, but the company has announced that phone makers like Samsung, HTC, LG, ASUS, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE and Alcatel will manufacture phones later this year which will be capable of supporting Daydream VR.

As for content, Google is working on VR-ready versions of its own apps like YouTube, Street View, and Photos, and it’s collaborating with partners like Netflix, Ubisoft, and Electronic Arts. The Daydream platform is set to launch this fall.

Keyboard themes!

Stocked full of themes for the Google keyboard, users get a range of colours, borders and photos to use as backdrops.


A new JIT compiler on Android N makes it improves battery life and results in apps that can be 50 percent smaller making installations 75 percent faster.

The new OS will implement the Doze feature whenever you turn your phone's or tablet's screen off. This way, you will be able to save a lot of battery and prolong your smartphone's life.

New emoji

Exactly like on iOS 10, Google have realised the name of the game is actually an emoji and have refreshed their sticker chart across the board to make them more uniform across all devices and manufacturers.


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