IFA 2016: Acer launches Liquid Z6, Z6 Plus and Iconia Talk S phones

Acer today became the first manufacturer to announce new smartphones at IFA in Berlin, bringing in both budget as well as top range specifications.

While Acer's Liquid Z6 is be a good alternative for budget phone buyers, Liquid Z6 Plus and Iconia Talk S will appeal to high-end gadget lovers.

Acer's Liquid Z6 seems to be the result of an effort in response to those who are looking for decent 5-inch phones with do-able specifications and features as well as the stamina to last an entire day of regular usage. The phone arrives with a 5-inch HD display along with a MediaTek 6737 quad-core processor which clocks at 1.25 GHz and a 2,000 mAh battery which seems just right for a phone which doesn't feature either a high resolution display or battery consuming features.

Liquid Z6 features only 8GB storage, a peculiar choice given that a lot of phones priced at under £200 are available with at least 16GB of base storage these days. Discounting the stock OS and system folders, you'll get to use anywhere between 3GB to 5GB of the internal storage. As a saving grace, Acer has also included a MicroSD slot with additional capacity to let you save your music, documents, pictures and videos.

Apart from the tiny storage, Liquid Z6 features 1GB of RAM which seems too less for a smartphone of today but it won't go belly-up unless you keep too many apps open or try to play a high-end AR game on it. If you need a smartphone to check your e-mails and notifications, make frequent calls or texts, use WhatsApp or just play Tic Tac Toe on Google search, the Liquid Z6 will be happy to play along. The phone also features 8-MP and 2-MP cameras which won't give you the best shots posible but will at least let you click some for the memories and a 2,000 mAh battery which should make the phone last an entire day under regular usage.

The Liquid Z6 Plus, on the other hand, isn't just about minor improvements over the Z6 but is an entirely different phone altogether. It features a 5.5-inch Full HD display, same as the OnePlus 3, as well as 13-MP and 5-MP cameras to let you capture better shots than on its smaller sibling. The processor is an octa-core MediaTek 6753 which clocks at 1.3 GHz and is kind of a let-down but the 32GB of internal storage and 3GB of RAM should be enough to power your day to day usage without forcing you to compromise on your favourite apps or games or your storage needs.

The best part about the Liquid Z6 Plus is that it features a battery with a capacity of an impressive 4,080mAh- enough to last a couple of days under regular usage and several days if you're just using it to view notifications. On the outside, the phone features a brushed metallic finish and is quite slim, thus keeping its weight in check and is easier to hold too.

Acer has also launched a new 7-inch phablet (more likely a tablet) which it has named the Accer Iconia Talk S. The handset has been built specifically for professionals who need phones for their work and for frequent travellers. The phone features Dual SIM slots, the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, a 7-inch 720p HD display, advanced security features and a number of Acer's Iconia Suite apps like EZ Snap, EZ Wake up and EZ Utilities.

Acer Iconia Talk S also comes in 16GB and 32GB storage options, 2GB of RAM, a MediaTek quad-core processor along with 13-MP and 2-MP cameras. It must be said that business professionals need to make a lot of Skype calls on the go and the 2-MP camera may not be perfect for clear videos. Given that the display is a large one and that prrofessionals will need to access e-mails, business apps and file sharing apps at all times, the processor and RAM combination doesn't seem right at a time when business users have great new options like Samsung's Galaxy Note 7, the BlackBerry Priv or Apple iPhone 6s Plus.

The budget Liquid Z6 will cost €119 and will be available from November and the larger Z6 Plus, which will cost €249 will follow in December. However, the £159.99 Iconia Talk S will be available from September itself but we aren't aware of the exact dates as yet.

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