Logitech's ZeroTouch brings in-car hands-free functionality to Android smartphones

Logitech's new ZeroTouch mount will let you communicate with your phone without even touching it while you're driving.

ZeroTouch Air Vent and ZeroTouch Dashboard mounts will let you make calls, send texts and access music streaming apps on your phone hands-free while driving.

If you don't own a car which could let you take calls and send texts with voice controls and without having to look at your phone while driving, you won't need to worry anymore. Logitech has announced its new ZeroTouch Air Vent and ZeroTouch Dashboard mounts which will let you control your phone just like you would in a connected car.

ZeroTouch can be mounted on your car's dashboard or air vent and can hold and connect with any Android smartphone via Bluetooth. Once connected, the technology in the mounts will let you use your phone hands-free while driving.

ZeroTouch Air Vent and ZeroTouch Dashboard mounts will let you access navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze as well as streaming services like Spotify and Deezer through voice commands alone, letting you play, pause and skip tracks and request specific artists, songs, playlists, or genres and find directions to your destinations while driving.

"New car owners can experience the luxury of a connected car, but there are still tens of millions of older cars on the road. As we look for ways to design products that are thoughtful solutions to human needs, we realised there was a desire to turn any car into a connected car. The result is the Logitech ZeroTouch. The smart mount and app work together to give you the best features of a connected car, while keeping your eyes on the road. We believe ZeroTouch will play a crucial role in turning the look down and text, into the look up and talk,” said Bracken Darrell, CEO and President at Logitech.

ZeroTouch Air Vent and ZeroTouch Dashboard will cost £49.99 and £59.99 respectively and will be available to buy from 7th September exclusively at Carphone Warehouse.

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