Thanks to Google search, you can now Tic Tac Toe through work

Using Google search to look for stuff is going to take a lot of time from now on, for Google search now fields Tic Tac toe and Solitaire.

The most popular games ever are now part of Google search, so if playing games at work used to be fun, it is now very easy too.

If you have Google launcher on your phone, simply type Tic tac Toe or Solitaire and these games will appear on your screen. The games are short, engaging and if you've ever been addicted to Solitaire or Tic Tac Toe before, you're going to love them just as much.

They're simple to avoid too if you can't resist the urge but don't want to get distracted since you're busy with something. The games only show up if you type their names on the search bar, and if you don't they won't bother you.

There are a few more funny stuff that are now part of Google Now, the AR girl in Google who helps you with voice search. She's isn't know to be as chatty as Siri but if you ask her, she'll flip a coin for you and even play a pig's 'oink' sound if you ask  “what sound does a pig make?”

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