Google's Project Fi's Wi-Fi Assistant is coming to the UK

Google Project Fi's Wi-Fi Assistant, a way to enable Nexus phone users access superfast internet by connecting to free hotspots, is now coming to the UK.

Wi-Fi Assistant lets users access public hotspots via Google's secure VPN to enjoy superfast internet without putting their privacy at risk.

Users of Google's Project Fi in the United States get to use the lowest amount of cellular data among all phone users while travelling. This is because the service lets them connect to any free Wi-Fi hotspot on the way seamlessly and their phones are also secured by VPN settings which stop anyone from accessing their phones through unsecure public Wi-Fi networks.

Google recently announced that the Wi-Fi Assistant feature will arrive in the UK as well as in some other countries shortly. The service will also launch in Canada, Mexico and several Nordic countries.


When the Nexus 6P arrived in the UK last year, it quickly went out of stock and it took Google some time to replenish and stabilize the demand and supply curve. The phone is also available SIM-free and with contracts at Carphone Warehouse and EE's online store. As such, the arrival of Wi-Fi Assistant will make a lot of Google Nexus 6P users, and also Nexus 6 and Nexus 5X users, very happy indeed.

As of now, buyers of Google Nexus 5X are being offered a discount of $150 if they buy the handset from Google and activate it with Project Fi in the United States. It is possible that Google may offer similar discounts on Nexus handsets in the UK but there is no way we can confirm that now.

Google is also expected to announce two new Nexus devices in October which will be manufactured by HTC. The new phones will run stock Android 7.0 Nougat and will be, like existing Nexus phones, compatible with Project Fi. As of now, no other Android or iOS device is compatible with the service.

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    I believe you overstated what Google announced. They are making WiFi Assistant available to Nexus users in the countries mentioned. Project Fi is mu...

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